Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hello there lovelies! Lots of posts today :) Here is my week in Instagram photos!

 Red bull // My older brother and me // Eye infection :(
We look perfectly normal // Eisley performing // Colossal Cupcakes in Cleveland
Picked my sister up from my old high school and was reminiscing // Pale is the new tan


The End of the 30 Day Snap

Hello there!!

The 30 Day Snap Challenge is officially over! I am so proud of myself for sticking it through and managing to get a full 30 snaps (although a couple were a bit late on occasion). Although I documented a lot of very exciting things, there were days where I simply had nothing exciting happen and so I had to find creative ways to photograph something mundane or boring. 

Looking back, these photos remind me of many happy memories from this past month. I have enjoyed challenging myself to find something each day to snap a photo of and post on my blog. I have also really enjoyed seeing other bloggers' snaps throughout the month.

Also through the 30 Day Snap, I have found many new and inspiring blogs that I adore. I have realized that the community of bloggers can be so supportive and kind! I am so glad to have become a part of it.

So, as I finish this post I hope in turn that you have also enjoyed my snaps. Being so used to doing a post every day (sometimes two... and sometimes three when I was behind), the completion of this challenge will leave me feeling a little less busy. However, I have come up with some pretty exciting new ideas for unique posts and I look forward to continuing my weekly posts as well. 

I would also like to give a big shout out to Louise from SpinkleofGlitter who gave me this idea and to all the other bloggers who participated and kept me anxious to see their pictures every day! 

If you did take part in the challenge, what were some of the difficulties you faced during it? How are you feeling now that it is over! I would love to hear what other's have thought of the commitment it was. Also, if you did not do the challenge but followed my snaps, what were some of your favorites? I can promise you all that I read all comments and it brightens my day :)


30 Day Snap #30 | Leather Jacket

Hello there my lovelies!

I finally got a leather jacket! I got it from Forever 21 and it fits perfectly! 

This is the last snap but check out my completion post to look back on all 30 snaps :)


30 Day Snap #29 | Clubbing

Hello there my lovelies!

So my older brother Pat is home for the weekend and we have had such a lovely day and a half so far :) Last night when he arrived around 8 pm, he ate two of his favorite dishes that my mom cooks (her seasoned chicken breast and tri-color pasta) and then we all sat around to catch up. We decided to watch a movie on Netflix and chose one of Pat and my favorite Disney movies from our childhood - Wish Upon a Star circa 1996 featuring a beautiful Katherine Heigl before her career took off. We laughed through the movie as we remembered loving certain parts and thinking how cool the whole movie was back when we were little tots. 

This morning we had planned to play loads of video games (a variety of Mario games for the Wii mostly) but we ended up watching She's the Man and Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds because both happened to be on television. After, everyone (except my dad who hasn't been feeling too well) went to our mall to go shopping :) Since my older brother is an Associate for A&F, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks, we got lots and lots of items from there, as well as Forever 21. I finally got a leather jacket, as well as some very adorable new pieces of clothing for the summer! I am so excited to wear it all. 

We headed back home, ate dinner, and then Pat and I got ready to go clubbing downtown! We just got back and it was the most fun I have had in a very long time! I simply adore my brother and always have a great time with him. I think I might visit him next weekend in Columbus :)

Alright well I am exhausted and better get some sleep! Only one more snap.... tomorrow is the end of the journey! I hope you all had a great Saturday and I look forward to everyone's last snap tomorrow!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Quote of the Day No. 4

30 Day Snap #28 | Charlotte's Web

Hello there!

Today my little sister performed in her play and did a wonderful job! I was so proud of her :) 

I hope you have had a great Friday and you have an awesome weekend! 
Only 2 more snaps left.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

30 Day Snap #27 | Nails

Hello there!

 These are my sister's rainbow nails that she did herself! I am so impressed :) 

I snapped this photo of them because she has to remove the polish because she is in a play. Her performance as Charlotte in Charlotte's Web is tomorrow morning and then my older Patrick is COMING HOME for the weekend!!! I am so excited to see him and spend time with him <3 

I can't wait to share my exciting weekend with you all and see all of your snaps as well.
Have a marvelous Thursday!

30 Day Snap #26 | Say Anything Concert

Hello there!

So I just got back from an amazing night with my friend Mary Gael at the Say Anything concert at Cleveland's House of Blues. They closed the concert (not including the encores) with my favorite song of their's, "Alive with the Glory of Love". I love a lot of their old work and was such a fan back in 2010 (well, this song came out in 2006 actually). But tonight I realized that I love their new stuff too and I was very impressed with how great they are live! 

I am going to see many concerts in NYC when I get back to school: Alt-J, Lord Huron, The xx, and Haim :) I would love to hear what you are all seeing or have seen recently!

I hope you all had a great Wednesday and only 4 more snaps :(


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 Day Snap #25 | Thunderstorm

Hello there! 

It is thundering and lightning outside like crazy!!
 Unfortunately I could not get a good photo but this will have to do.
Only 5 more snaps :(
I hope your Tuesday has been sunnier than mine!

30 Day Snap #24 | Iced Coffee

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry this is a day late - I fell asleep very early last night and forgot to upload a photo! 
This delightful photo shows my French Vanilla Iced Coffee from the lovely Dunkin Donuts :) I do love me both some coffee and tea but the downside to coffee (for me at least) is that I get very jittery and shaky. Nevertheless, I love this drink. It reminds me of the crazy theater majors at my university (myself included) that are addicted to DD, especially during tech weeks, and get large caffeinated drinks to help us stay awake in the wee hours of the night! 

What is your favorite drink in the morning?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Song of the Week No. 5

Hello there my lovelies!!!

This week's song is "No Angels" - a mash up of TLC's "No Scrubs", The xx's "Angels", and a voiceover of Norman Bates, sung by Bastille featuring Ella. 

Even though I have loved this song for quite some time, I heard it again whilst hanging with my friends this past weekend and it reminded me of how much I love Bastille. Also, I featured a Bastille song a while back in my May Music post here. I have been working on my June Music throughout this entire month and SPOILER: I am going to feature The xx because I have been so addicted. I am hopefully going to their concert with my friend Gabby in September in NYC!

So, getting back on track, not only do I love each song individually, but Bastille and Ella do a beautiful job of creating a powerful song that leaves you with chills. 

Here is the song for you to check out!  

Let me know what you think and if you haven't heard the two original songs, check them out as well :) Also, tell me in the comments what you've been listening to this past week.

Have a splendid Monday!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

25 Things About Me

Hello there lovelies!

I have decided to do the 25 Things About Me Tag today! Here we go...

1. I love knitting. I had to learn how when I was in the play Antigone.
2. My celebrity crushes are Seth Rogen and Skandar Keynes.
(Seth is 31 and married and Skandar is 21 and not an actor anymore... think I got a shot with either of them?)
3. I am oddly obsessed with Ireland's culture, particularly the Potato Famine.
4. My favorite restaurant in the world is Carluccio's in Cambridge, England.
5. My favorite seasons are spring and fall, but they always feels way too short. I love wearing cardigans, a light breeze in the air, blooming flowers, rustic leaves falling, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the smell of freshly cut grass.
6. I have worn a Claddagh ring since 8th grade. It is one of my most precious possessions because it was given to me by my parents. 
7. I have major OCD when it comes to color coding things. I love to have markers in the order of the rainbow and my closet for a while was separated in color sections. 
8. Over this past spring break, my friends and I went to Providence, RI and Boston, MA (two places I had never been before). We visited an alpaca farm, shopped way too much at thrift shops, and went clubbing.
9. I love Shamrock Shakes but I have not had one in about two years.
10. I have naturally healthy, clear skin and used to never wash my face until about a year ago because I started wearing a lot of makeup. 
11. My hair is naturally a light brown but I have dyed my hair gray blonde, bleach blonde, deep red, dark brown, and auburn. Currently my hair is auburn on top and fades into an ombre of light golden brown on the tips. 
(YAY for crazy hair)
12. I have four permanent scars on my body - one on my calf, one on my knee, one on my right hand, and one on my elbow. 
13. I am extremely clumsy and I have horrible depth perception. I am lucky that I am a good driver but very unlucky literally when I am just walking around.
14. Hot apple cider is my favorite drink. 
15. I have a very open relationship with my mum - I tell her everything!
16. I have had glasses since the 2nd grade and contacts since 6th grade.
17. Right now, my dream acting roles are to be Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire and Ophelia in Hamlet.
18. I love to read! Two of my favorite authors are Daphne du Maurier and Charlotte Bronte. My least favorite author is John Steinbeck. 
19. I am friends with some ridiculously talented people. 
[Shout out to two of them: Elizabeth, an insanely incredible singer AND Gabby, a captivating dancer/choreographer]  
(Left: Elizabeth / Right: Gabby) 
(To make these visuals less creepy I put photos with me in them as well so it wasn't me stealing their selfies)
20. I have been obsessed with Ellie Goulding since I was 15 and I was once was mistaken for her on the subway when I had blonde hair.
21. I wear hot pink boxers with little green shamrocks to bed almost every night.
22. My best guy friend (Ron) and I sat in his room and watched seven episodes of Game of Thrones one night. 
(Ronald and Me // GOT)
23. Once I went to the Starbucks drive-thru for an Izze and the guy called me out for not ordering one of their drinks (i.e. coffee or tea or something)
24. The names of my playlists on Spotify and iTunes are quite odd. They are: Whoa Now, CAKE, In a Pillow-like Place, 3-III, Sass, Chill, Estudiar, Melancholy, Summer Drive, Folkin' Around, H & M, Music to Run To, and Essential Irish Drinking Songs.
25. When at university, the thing I miss most about home is driving.

Alright lovelies so I hope you enjoyed this :)

I would love to tag all of my readers with a blog to do this as well and send me your links (in particular, I would love to tag Andrew, Maddie, and Mary Gael). 

Tell me one unique fact about you in the comments! 
Or let me know if you share one of these quirky facts above so we can be best friends!


30 Day Snap #23 | Fresh Produce

Hello there!

Every Sunday we go to our local farmer's market to get our fresh produce and meats because a) it is cheaper than the grocery store and b) we like to support our local farmers!

This was our cart when we were a little more than half way done shopping. We love this market and the workers are always so friendly and some of them know us just because we come every week. I am so excited to make fruit salad with all the berries we got, as well as turkey and avocado sandwiches! 

What fresh produce items have you been loving this summer? I would love to hear some of your favorites because I love trying new things :)

Have a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

30 Day Snap #22 | Friendship

Hello there! 

These are my best friends! Shout out to Mary Gael from nightingael and the lovely Elizabeth who does not know how to blog. I like them.

Have a great Saturday night :)

Quote of the Day No.3

30 Day Snap #21 | Duck Lips

Hello there!

I am so sorry that this snap is late. Weekends are so difficult for me to balance blogging and going out. 
This is my lip balm that I am using right now. I got it for Easter in a basket made by one of my best friend's (Savannah) mom! It is just so cute :)

I hope you had a great Friday! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 Day Snap #20 | Patrick

Hello there!

So this snap is a throwback (seems appropriate because it is "TBT") of two Christmas photographs from 1995 (left) and 1994 (right) of my older brother Pat and I before our two younger siblings were born. 

I was cleaning our storage room in our home today and stumbled upon these (and many other old photos that made me smile and reminisce). 

I chose to show you these two though because I have been talking to my brother a lot lately. He lives in Columbus, Ohio which is about two hours from where I live and about nine hours from my college. I can honestly say that he will always be one of my best friends on this planet. You can change your friends or your significant other or your therapist or your yoga instructor; but, you can't change your siblings. I have found so much support, encouragement, and love from my brother throughout the years. He has helped me overcome grief, get through break-ups, get over bad grades on a test, keep my head high in disappointment, and most importantly, be confident in who I am as a person. He is just one of the most amazing role models in my life. I am so lucky/blessed/grateful that he is my brother (especially since many people are jealous because he is so awesome... hehe). I could go on for days about this guy. Anyway, I love him with all my heart and I love these photos. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing these :) I just adore old photographs of childhood. 

How has your Thursday been? I hope you are excited because it is already the weekend tomorrow!!! 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30 Day Snap #19 | Why We Broke Up

Hello there lovelies!

I have finished the book I was reading! This snap is of the last page of Why We Broke Up written by Daniel Handler and art by Maira Kalman. If you are looking for a quick, light read then definitely check this out!
I hope you had a great Wednesday! It's Wednesday right?.... Yeah, just checked :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

30 Day Snap #18 | My Work Space

Hello there lovelies!

So today has been exhausting!! I have been filming an audition that I have to send in by tomorrow. Don't worry, this is not a severe case of procrastination. The general manager for a show in NYC that I am auditioning for asked me yesterday to possibly film a few things for them to review and turn it in by Wednesday evening. I was all, "Of course I can, no problem" when I was really thinking "Oh my sweet lord Jesus I am not prepared wahhhhhhh I must start now oh shit what should I do what should I wear I am so screwed!" 

Anyway, I got right to work and have been filming, practicing, dancing, and editing ALL day. I had to record myself Irish dancing, doing a contemporary monologue (I actually filmed four and haven't chosen a final one yet), and singing a song ("Still Hurting" from The Last 5 Years). 

I had a lot of fun doing it and had the privacy of the house to myself all day but now I feel like dying from exhaustion. I danced more today than I have in the past month. 

Also, if you read my last snap you will know that I have an eye infection. This posed a problem because I am not supposed to wear any makeup or my contacts for at least another 5 days but I had no choice because I had to film my face!! Sorry Dr. Cook...

On a completely different note, that apple to the left of the computer is phenomenal (I am currently chomping on it). 

Also, I had planned on filming a video for this blog over the weekend as a surprise unique post; however, the whole eye infection thing kind of ruined that plan :( So, I am postponing the vid but you will see it soon!

How was your Tuesday!? I would love to see your snaps if you are doing the challenge so leave your link below!

Monday, June 17, 2013

30 Day Snap #17 | Spectacles

Hello there!

These are my glasses. 
My glasses and I do not really get along. I would say we have a love-hate relationship but it is mostly just hate. But, I have been wearing them for the past two days without touching my contacts because I have an eye infection :( Not fun. I went to the hospital today and my lovely doctor told me I have bilat acute conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis in my eyes due to either the eyedrops bottle I have been using for waaay too long or the new liquid eyeliner I started wearing about two weeks ago (either one could have caused the infection... or maybe even something else). I will not go into detail because no one wants to hear about my boring eyes but at least they inspired my photo for today! I thought it would jazz it up by blurring the rest of the photo except for the glasses and lens to give an effect of just how blind I am without them ;) 
Anyway, I did watch one of the Narnia movies today and it put me in a very sentimental mood. I also tweeted about it way too much. Oops! 
I hope you enjoyed this post and leave your comments and links below! I love to know what you are all up to.

Song of the Week No. 4

Hello lovelies!

So this week's song is "Hot Right Now" by DJ Fresh featuring Rita Ora.

It is so upbeat and fun! I have been loving driving around blasting this. Check it out and let me know what ya think :)


Sunday, June 16, 2013

30 Day Snap #16 | The Sky

Hello there! 

So as I write this post it is thundering and pouring rain; however, the sky was so beautiful earlier that I had to snap this photo!

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday! I went to see another movie today (Now You See Me) and had a wonderful time :) Let me know of any new movies you have seen recently because I am loving going to the movie theater!



Hello there my lovelies! This past week has been great :) I hope you enjoy the photos.

On a wagon ride // The current background for my computer // My twin cousins just staring at me 

The book I am currently reading // At a friend's house // My fortune at an Asian restaurant

A TBT (Throw Back Thursday) to when I was blonde // Hanging out on Saturday

So believing in my fortune "Expect good things and good things will come", I think this coming week is going to be just as great as the last! I would love to see any of your pictures from this past week :)

30 Day Snap #15 | This is the End

Hello there! 

Don't know what the 30 Day Snap is, click here to find out :)

Today has been an adventure! After waking up at 11 am after staying up past 3 am the night before, I had a relaxing afternoon. I did some dishes, ate some zucchini for lunch, and chatted with my mum. 
I left at about 4 pm to meet up with some friends at our outdoor mall-type place (about 45 minutes away for me) to shop, get dinner, and then see a late movie. We hit up all the good stores (obviously), including Urban Outfitters, H&M, Anthropologie, Francesca's, Charming Charlie's, Yankee Candle (got a few little candles- surprise, surprise) and of course my weakness, Sephora. Then for dinner we went to an Asian cuisine restaurant which was soooo good. We hung out for a while, listening to music, drinking Starbucks, chatting, and just enjoying each others company. 
We then went to see the movie This is the End, which was very... hmmm.... entertaining! The hilarious and in my opinion very sexy Seth Rogan (who, like all the other actors was playing himself) was perfection. The movie was great but I expected a bit more; however, the ending was quite possibly the best ending to a movie ever. It was just a very special surprise that was near and dear to my heart. Go see it to find out what I am talking about!
I just had a great night and I hope you did too! I love spending time with good friends :)
Alright it is almost 2 am so I should probably get some sleep. 
Let me know if you have seen the movie and what you think! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quote of the Day No.2

Hello there! 

So, this blog covers a wide range of topics that comprise my life (and hopefully are relatable to yours) and I thought it was about time I be completely with all of you, my lovely readers. 

I have messy hair. THERE I SAID IT. 

Yes, I know what you all are thinking... *gasp* "How could she!? That is unthinkable! No one has messy hair!" But alas, I do. But let's be real here, sometimes your hair just refuses to look decent and presentable. So instead of becoming frustrated with it and wearing a hat to hide your shame, EMBRACE IT. 

Now, my hair and I have good days where it is all merry in the land of Grace and my hair decides to be kind and look pretty; however, there are times when I just have to accept it and plop a big messy bun on top of my head and call it a day... like today. 

^^ This is just me being a weirdo who is obsessed with iPiccy....

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and you embrace your messy hair!
What are some solutions you do when your hair is being uncooperative?
Have a wonderful Saturday and I will see you for my snap later today :)

30 Day Snap #14 | Cupcake

Hello there!

This is a cupcake. It was delicious! My friend Mary Gael from nightingael made them for me and my friends. 

It is very late at night and I know this snap is late but I thought I would get it in before I went to bed. But now I must turn in because my eyes are keep closing as I type this. I hope you all had a lovely Friday!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Day Snap #13 | Sweets

Hello there my lovelies!

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few bits that our household was in need of, such as salt, cottage cheese, and oat bread (ooh how exciting). Anyway, my sister and I had been saying that we were craving chocolate the night before so we bought a Cadbury chocolate bar for about $1.60 to split over the next few days. We also got a pack of Twizzlers, which are a guilty pleasure of mine. I find them so addictive! My friends Ron and Gabby have this theory that you never buy Twizzlers for yourself; instead, whenever you eat them, it is because they have been given to you by someone. I think that part of the reason this theory exists is to tease/bother me and the other part is because they are just lazy and never buy their own Twizzlers. 

Well, I hope you have had a good Thursday! I have a very exciting weekend coming up so there should be some interesting snaps and maybe another unique blog post! 

It's Always Words That Undress You

It is so refreshing: the feeling you get when reading something you can't seem to put down. It is a truly beautiful feeling when a piece of literature entices and captivates your mind, your body, your soul.

Growing up, I loved to read. In my early years at school, I excelled in my Reading and English classes. 'Library' was my favorite class, one of our "Specials", like Gym or Art class. We were required to read a certain number of books and then take an online quiz to prove we had read them in order to pass Library class. In 2nd grade I read over 200 books and received an award for reading the most of all the students in the school.

I just loved to read! 

Some of my favorites included The Cam Jensen Mysteries, Roald Dahl's The BFG, Joan Lowry Nixon's The Name of the Game was Murder, C.S. Lewis's series The Chronicles of Narnia, and Gail Carson Levine's The Two Princesses of Bamarre. 

I particularly like fantasy, fiction, and mystery. I loved creating my own interpretations of the world that the author laid out for the reader. I would become the main character in my mind, be it a girl or boy, and I would experience the story as I read.

When I progressed into junior high, I started to read longer novels that involved more mature topics. I began reading young adult authors like Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, Ann Brashares, Stephanie Meyer, etc. I also began loving classics like Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders. 

It wasn't until high school however that I realized just how much of an effect novels had on me. Being a very naturally empathetic person, I generally tend to feel what I am told. My empathetic nature has allowed me to feel so much when reading novels. When reading, you are being told a story, whether it be from the person's own perspective, an omnipresent narrator, or many different perspectives, you are given details that allow you to experience what the characters are experiencing.  

After reading a slew of novels my freshman year of high school, I could not wait for more! Throughout my four years, I was deeply moved by novels such as Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bee's, Julia Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Daphne de Maurier's Rebecca, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. These are just a few of the novels that brought me to tears, gave me anxiety when I could not read fast enough for myself, taught me valuable life lessons, opened up new perspectives, and gave me the courage to feel something I had never felt. 

I can remember the moment when I finished Alice Walker's The Color Purple. I was lying in my bed crying, as I had been for the last few chapters. I read the last sentence, closed the book, and laid in my bed sobbing for about a half hour as I thought about what I had just read.

 I had a similar reaction when I finished Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. As I turned the 940th page (the last page), I suddenly felt a sense of loss. I had been reading Anna Karenina for the past month. I had been on a roller coaster whirlwind of emotion as I read of the characters' triumphs and struggles and experienced it all alongside them. 
I hated Anna. I hated Vronsky. I hated Karenin. I hated Oblonsky. I hated Levin. I hated Kitty. 
But I loved Anna. I loved Vronsky. I loved Karenin. I loved Oblonsky. I loved Levin. I loved Kitty. 

I had been through so much with these characters that the thought of ending my journey with them scared me. It didn't matter that the last page did not reveal anything new or plot-twisting, it was the sheer fact that it meant there was nothing more to read. That made me sad. In fact, I cried for a while, mourning the end of my experience reading Tolstoy's novel for the first time. It hurt me that I had to return to my reality and say goodbye to the unknown of these character's lives. I now knew everything there was to know, and that knowledge gave me both a sense of pride and despondency. 

But that is what is so magical about reading. The mixed emotions, the temporary attachment to something that is not our reality. Being able to connect with a piece of literature is a remarkable gift that we as humans are all capable of in our own unique ways. 

So, I guess that this blog post should wrap up and get to the point now that I have completely gone off on a tangent. I apologize. 

I do not want to shove it down anyone's throat that they should read if they honestly do not find enjoyment in doing so. I do not want to force someone to enjoy something just because I enjoy it. However, I would like to kindly encourage you all who are still reading this post (you survived my tangent- yay... and thank you), to read something this summer. Read and allow yourself to feel. I would love to know what some of you are reading/plan to read. I have a little list for myself of some novels I want to give a go at (also getting a Goodreads account helps too). Let me know any suggestions/recommendations as well!

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' and leave your links below so I can follow you too!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Day Snap #12 | Burning Candles

Hello there my beauties!

(Excuse the poor quality)

So I have been feeling a bit poorly today so I thought I would help myself relax by lighting some candles and placing them about my room while laying in bed listening to Mesita and blogging. 

These candles are great and are filling the room with beautiful and delicious scents. The one on the top left is a Red Velvet Cupcake Scented Soy Candle from Illume (which I would definitely recommend checking out). The one to the right is just an Unscented Tall Pillar Candle (I can't remember where it is from). The three little ones in front are all from Bath and Body Works and smell heavenly. I think I want to buy the bigger versions so that I can just burn one at a time to get the full effect of the scent. There is a Lemon, a Watermelon Lemonade, and a Pineapple Mango. 

What are your favorite brands/scents of candles?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Snap #11 | Teavana

Hello there my beauties!

I went to the mall with my little sister today where she spent way too much money at Forever 21... :) I got a few bits but I am most excited about this Watermelon Mint Chiller tea. It smells divine. I was sampling a few teas and the guy working at Teavana was just so nice (and attractive) that when he asked me if I wanted to smell his favorite mint tea, I could not refuse. And then I could not seem to refuse buying some of it. It was quite pricey for tea, especially since I am quite content with my Twinings; however, I felt this was a good splurge to try something new for summer. He said that this is great cold or hot so I am going to try both!

What funky types of tea do you drink? I am trying my best to not drink English Breakfast and Green Mint tea everyday but rather try new types, brands, and flavors so I would love to hear what you like. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Song of the Week No. 3

Hello there my beauties! 

This week's song is Ellie Goulding's "Tessellate". 

Ellie always manages to make her covers so original. 
Her version of this Alt-J song is so mellow and chill & the video is killer. She looks so bad ass in it :)
If you like this, also check out her cover of The Weeknd's "High for This"
I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

30 Day Snap #10 | Wagon Ride

Hello there my beauties!

Today I babysat my two twin cousins, Nora and Erin! They are absolutely precious :) As you can see, Nora (on the left) brought her hammer to protect us outside in case we were in any danger. During this wagon ride however, I realized how they were both in need of a nap. So after our walk, they both had a bottle and fell asleep for about an hour. 

I loved spending time with them today and was impressed on how well behaved they were! 

How is your Monday? Share any cute babysitting stories... or bad ones. I know I have a few of those too!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 Day Snap #9 | Berries

Hello there my beauties!
           So if you don't know what The 30 Day Snap is, click here for a little explanation!
After going to our local farmer's market to stock up the house with fruit and veg, I got home and made myself a berry salad filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries (my favorite fruit). It was delicious and refreshing. 

Let me know what you have been up to! What are your favorite fruits to put in a fruit salad? 


Hello there my beauties! It is time for my second week in photos from Instagram :) I have had a lovely week and I hope you enjoy the pics.

Gazebo time at a Grad Party // Organizing makeup // Free Chipotle at my 3rd interview

Helping out at my grandfather's company // Starbucks with Mary // New No.7 Products

Chipotle at 9 am // One of my best friends Mary Gael looking adorable

Ooh and if any readers are interested in a creative writing blog, you should check out Mary Gael's nightingael :)
I hope you have had a great week too!

30 Day Snap #8 | Diet Coke

Hello there my beauties!

I apologize for this snap being a day late. Last night was pretty crazy and then I ended up sleeping over a friend's so I didn't happen to get to my computer. 

But here it is!

There is a bit of an addiction to diet coke amongst me and my friends...


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tonight's "Going Out" Makeup!

Hello there beauties!

So I thought I would show you what I did with my makeup for tonight. I am going downtown with some friends and I am so excited! I took this photo with my iPhone so quality isn't great, nor is the lighting, but I think you can get the basic idea. 

SO, I am wearing the following products on my face:

Foundation Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish - Light
Foundation: No.7 Lift & Luminate - Medium Coverage - Calico
Setting Powder: Covergirl - Classic Ivory
Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadow: Beauty Gems Palette & MAC Brown Down Veluxe 
Highlighter: MAC Frozen White Pigment
Cream Eyeliner: e.l.f. - Black
Bottom Eyeliner: L'oreal Paris Smoldering Liner - Black
Mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast Volume - Waterproof - Black
Blusher: Covergirl Classic Pink
Chapstick: EOS Strawberry
Lipstick: MAC Russian Red
Also, I used Estée Lauder foundation, powder, and eyeshadow brushes, as well as an e.l.f. eyeshadow contouring brush.  

I am kind of obsessed with editing photos lately... hehe :)
Anyway, let me know what you think, any tips of something I can do to improve, or just if you liked this type of post. Or maybe any suggestions of products that you are really liking right now! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

30 Day Snap #7 | Gazebo

Hello there beauties!

So, my little sister (above) and my dear friend Taylor (below) are posing in this lovely gazebo outside the grad party of one of my good friends we just got home from! We decided to have a mini photo-shoot at the gazebo before we left. It was a sweet time filled with reminiscing with old high school friends, dance friends, and teachers. 

What have you been up to today? Leave your links below :)