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Hello everyone! 
Man have I been busy. I thought that when I came to England I would do more posts than usual because I would have more free time being away from my university, but the exact opposite has happened. I am going to try and update you with what's been going on in my life and hopefully do some interesting posts soon, as I have much to talk about :)

This first update post will be on my Fall Break adventures! I spent five days in Paris and Versailles, France and five days in Galway and Ballina, Ireland. Although the first part of my break was in France, I am going to start off with my Irish experiences. I hope you enjoy the photos! 
This is one of my high school best friends, Mary Gael. She is a very clever and witty writer so check out her blog nightingael
This is me and Mary Gael with our lovely best friend Mary Ellen (who I have known since I was 5) who is the one studying in Galway. It was her 21st birthday weekend which we called MELLENPALOOZA which then became MELLENPALOSEYOURSELF. We certainly lost ourselves a couple nights ;)
We then went to the market on Saturday morning and the colors were absolutely breathtaking!
So... MELLENPALOSEYOURSELF meant that we went out every single night...
We survived... that's all I really want to say on this blog... hehe ;) 
This is Sinead from Dreaming Again. We did a meet up and I was so thrilled to meet her! We went to a cute cafe along the river for a chat and then went to the Claddagh to see the beautiful view. Sinead is so lovely and I couldn't believe I was seeing her in person after following and reading her blog for the past year and a half. 
So I had one of the best times of my entire life and the memories I made will stay with me forever!


  1. SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! I wish I was there with you! Love you so much and hope you are having the time if your life(:


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