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Red Coconut Curry with Chickpeas

Hope you are having a great week! 
I made up my own Red Coconut Curry with Chickpeas recipe to use up some of the items I have had for a while in both my cupboard and refrigerator. It was on the milder side of curries I usually make but I enjoyed it just the same. This makes around 3 servings and since I cook for myself, I had leftovers for at least two more meals.
ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil5 cloves of garlicginger (freshly grated or powder)1 & 1/2 tbsp red curry paste (I use this one here)1 can of coconut milk1 can of chickpeas1/2 cup of frozen peas1/2 cup of frozen corn 1/2 carrot stripsa stalk of celery cut in small pieceshandful of fresh spinach optional spices to add: 1-2 tsp curry powder1-2 tsp nutmeg1-2 tsp turmeric directions: heat olive oil in a pot on medium heatmince garlic & grate ginger, then add to pot to fry off until fragrant (usually 1-2 minutes)stir in red curry paste and any other spices (I used curry powder and nutmeg)add in coconut milk and chickpeas, coo…

Roasted Delicata Squash & Seeds

Today I roasted a Delicata squash and the seeds. It was so delicious!

I went years not eating seasonal vegetables like squash and sweet potatoes, thinking I wouldn't enjoy them. Now I can't get enough! They are so flavorful and with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil, the taste is heightened to new levels. I definitely recommend roasting your own different types of pumpkins, squash, and gourds.

Here is sort of an easy step-by-step guide for beginners, like I was, on how to properly roast a squash... and save the seeds too!

1 delicata squash olive oil salt
directions:  preheat oven to 425 degrees fahrenheitwash the squash with warm water to remove any dirtslice the squash in half length-wisescoop out the seeds, place them in a bowl with water and set asidecut each delicata half into slices to form 1/2 inch moon-shaped pieces arrange on a baking sheet in a single layerdrizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt evenly to coat the slices place in oven and roast for …

Female Authors You Should Be Reading

Reading has become such an essential part of my life. By committing myself to reading more this year, I have discovered and fallen in love with many new authors.

I want to share with you the four women who's work has stood out to me this year and encourage you to pick up one of their novels and delve in with an open mind.

English social commentary novelist
Known for: White Teeth, On Beauty, Swing Time

American linguistically pyrotechnic novelist
Known for: Fates and Furies, Arcadia, Delicate Edible Birds, The Monsters of Templeton

American metaphysical playwright
Known for: Eurydice, The Clean House, In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)

Canadian badass feminist poet, novelist, & activist
Known for: The Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Eye, Hag-Seed

Here are my favorite novels/plays from each of their bodies of work.

Now, I know there are so many female authors out there that I still need to read and experience. Some of those at …

Fresh Autumnal Produce & Recipes

I went to a local outdoor food market in Harlem today and snagged some fresh produce. I have been craving apples so I got some Gala, McIntosh, and Pink Lady. I also bought a large carrot, a large sweet potato, and a Delicata squash.

I am excited to try this Creamy Squash Rigatoni recipe with the Delicata.

I baked the sweet potato for lunch using this Sweet Potato Fries recipe. I realized a little late in the game of me scarfing down the beautiful fries that I should have taken a photo... but nevertheless here is my masterpiece... there were only three left... and I may have eaten them straight from the baking pan.

I haven't gotten any canned pumpkin puree yet but I plan on making some delicious pumpkin recipes, like this Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread in my new rose gold loaf tin and this Pumpkin Coconut Curry.

What will you be making this fall?  🎃

29 Rooms

I had an incredible experience at this year's 29Rooms
Refinery29 hosts and curates an interactive multi-sensory funhouse of style, culture, & technology brought to life by a group of global artists and visionaries across mediums to celebrate the power of creativity. This year's theme was Turn It Into Art. There were rooms created by the Women's March, Planned Parenthood, Ulta Beauty, Emma Roberts & her book club Belletrist, and Jake Gyllenhaal, to name a few. I went with two of my really great friends, Mary Elizabeth & Natalie. 
Here are some of the highlights of my night, through photos. I hope you enjoy!

I wrote "Cuz I'm Mr. Brightside" in Emma Roberts exhibit... if you know me, you know that is my favorite song. 

Autumn Reading List

Does anyone else feel as passionate about Goodreads as I do?

I became a little obsessed with the site back in late 2016 and spent hours computing in all of the books and plays I have ever read to my online bookshelves. If you are familiar with Goodreads, you will know there are three main shelves - Read, To Read, and Currently Reading. I also have a couple other custom shelves, such as my favorites shelf and my book club's shelf.

So with my Goodreads passion growing, I challenged myself to read 50 Books in 2017 and with four months left, I am ahead of schedule at 37 of 50 read. Stay tuned for a post highlighting some of my favorite reads from this year, as well as some tips for reading more and staying on track during a challenge like this. Look out for that in December/January.

In the meantime, here's the lineup for my next reads, my Autumn Reading List:

1. The Curious History of Dating: From Jane Austen to Tinder | Nichi Hodgson
Dating has never been easy. The road to true l…

Welcome Autumn

With every 125 stars (I'mGOLDbaby) on the Starbucks app, you get a free drink. I strategically and with lots of will power waited until September 1st to roll around. 
So yesterday it did, as it naturally does... and BOOM... three words. 
I have no regrets in admitting publicly that I am BASIC AS F*CK. But as I took my first sip stepping out on 99th and Broadway, actual tears were produced in my eyes and I felt so autumn it hurt.

Happy Autumn everyone!