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Monthly Favorites: MAY!

Hello there lovelies! This is my first monthly favorite post and I am so excited to show you what I have been loving. I have several different categories of things. Please excuse the crappy photography until I get my dream camera (hopefully within the next month).

So let's do this! First off is the makeup product that has been my best friend this month, particularly because I have been wearing warmer colors which in turn has caused me to wear this quite often. It is a Mac Frost lipstick called Meltdown. It goes on very pigmented (orangey) and it shines and shimmers, bringing out my auburn hair and brown eyes. I think this is a great summer lip color and I can't wait to pair it with summer looks.

Now, I have mentioned the Tresemm√© Tres Two Spray in my Alphabet tag as being one of my two favorite hairsprays. I just thought it deserves to be mentioned a second time because it is very special to me as I use it almost everyday. I absolutely adore the smell and it holds really well. 


Choosing to be Happy

"Smile every chance you get. Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as you had anticipated, but because you choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things you do have and all the problems you know you don't have". -Marc and Angel Hack Life: Practical Tips for Productive Living
 You must live. Live every moment to its fullest. Live every new experience with the greatest enthusiasm. Live knowing that the connections you make with people are worth developing and that sharing life with others is what makes living so beautiful. Live every bite, live every text, live every class you attend, live every embrace, live every sob at the end of a movie. Just live and do it all while choosing to be happy.
But, choosing to be happy is not always easy, especially when you feel life keeps pushing you down. I have realized through years of both sad and happy times that there is not enough time in this world to be wasting it drowned in negativity. I realized not very …

Song of the Week No.1

Hello there! So I thought I would start doing a weekly song to highlight. They most likely will not be new songs, but rather something I just so happened to listen to a lot in the last seven days. This post will be done every Monday as I look back on the past week.  So to kick start this weekly post, I would like to name "Midnight City" by M83 my song of the week! Check it out and let me know in the comments what you think. The video is also very interesting. Have a beautiful Memorial Day lovelies!

turn the glass into stars and your face is the moon

I AM ADDICTED TO POLYVORE!! Polyvore is a perfect outlet that allows you to create collages and sets of your favorite products, colors, and trends. It is perfect for any person interested in fashion, beauty, or design. I love getting inspiration from others, as well sharing my own creations to my followers! 
Restricted shoes

Pink backpack
$30 -

Lori s Shoes flower jewelry

Summer is Here


Green with Envy

So much green! I can't wait to work all the shades I can this summer- especially mint :) Check out my Polyvore for links to everything and comment below with any luscious green products you're bringing out this summer!  My three favorites of this set include: Vegetarian Shoes real leather boots
$150 -

Sandqvist waterproof messenger bag
$205 -

L Occitane l occitane


Hello there! So after seeing many YouTubers do this tag, I decided I would do it too! This video is meant to be a bit silly, while also giving you a visual to the things I found about my bedroom at home. Now, quite a bit of my things are currently in a storage unit near my college collecting dust until I return to school in late August, so I may end up doing another one of these tags for my dorm room. 
Also, I plan on doing a room tour for my dorm as soon as I get back. Below is a list of all the items I mention (some come with an explanation). Also, there are links to the places I purchased some of these things so check that out if you are interested in owning them too. Also, forgive the poor quality - I am currently saving up for a nice camera and light so that I can continue to film blog posts.  I hope you enjoy!
1. An owl mug from Anthropologie (buy here)
2. Revlon Top Coat and Base Coat
3. Crayola Markers 
4. Masquerade Mask from a Masquer-rave at college
5. Calculator
6. Celtic Box that…

The 30 Day Snap

Hello there! My goodness I cannot believe May is almost over.
As June creeps into view, I have decided to join many other bloggers in doing The 30 Day Snap Challenge. The inspiration for this idea has come from the lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. I absolutely love Louise and think this is such a great idea for the summer. Essentially, I will be documenting the whole month of June with a picture a day which I will post here on my blog. Now, being that I already snap photos quite frequently, I think this challenge will be a fun and easy commitment.
Also, I think this is especially great for college students who are currently missing their friends from school as they spend their summers back home - this assumption is coming from personal experience :( I miss all my lovelies! It will be great for when you reunite to show your friends what was happening on the daily during your summer. So because of this, I wish to tag my beautiful friend Maddie to do this challenge along with me on …

Alphabet Tag - My Favorites

I thought this was a really cute tag and this will help you to know me a bit more!
A. Actors- Meryl Streep, Felicity Jones, Jessica Chastain
B. Book- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
C. Color- Forest Green D. Destination - Cambridge, England
E. Ethnic Food - Mexican
F. Fruit- Raspberries
G. Grade- My senior year of high school and freshman year of college!
H. Hairspray - Big Sexy Hair / Tresemm√©  
I. Irish Dance Dress- My most recent because it was asymmetrical J. Jewelry- Earrings 
K. Kindest thing a stranger did for me- On my way home for Christmas break, I arrived at the airport and they told me that I needed to pay for my checked bag because it wasn't included. I didn't have enough cash on me and they didn't take debit so I stood there almost in tears because I didn't know what to do. The man behind me overheard and offered to pay the entire fee. I said that I couldn't let him do that but he insisted and smiled and told me to have a Merry Christmas. I was so touched by his k…

May Music

Even though May is only half way over, I can definitely tell that these three songs by some new artists in my life are my favorites of the month.
The first is James Hersey's "So Close to Me". I first heard it when watching one of my favorite YouTuber/Blogger's - Rhiannon Ashlee from FashionRocksMySocks in this video. I immediately loved the upbeat vibe and it never fails to bring a smile to my face :)
The next song is Bastille's "Pompeii".  I. AM. OBSESSED. The band Bastille is just down right kick ass.  I listen to this song a bit too much. I also like the music video. It shows the lead singer, Dan Smith, trying to get away from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. The ash from the volcano turns everyone's eyes black and at the end of the video, he cannot escape and his eyes turn as well. I also recommend "Poet" and "You Make Me Feel". 
My third favorite right now is "Oceans" by a band called Coasts. Though they are no…

Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You :)

Being bold with summer colors will make you in turn feel bold! Get inspired by the bright sun to pop out some bright colors in your wardrobe or in your makeup!It certainly will brighten your day and your mood :)

May and April Instagrams!

So for the past two months my campus has been absolutely beautiful and the warm weather has inspired some happy and sunny days outside with my friends! The yummy cupcakes and the Passion Fruit Tea from Starbucks were just two of the many things I ate outside while appreciating the sun :)
Those blue flats were from a thrift shop in Boston. They caught my eye and I crossed my fingers hoping they would fit - they fit me perfectly!! They have definitely turned into my new favorite pair of flats and I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of them in the summer. 
Now last weekend I went to see Macbeth on Broadway and it was breathtaking! I had an amazing day in NYC with my future roomie Michelle and two other friends who we met up with for dinner and then the show. The day started off with us waking up quite early to stand in line at the box office until it opened at 10 am. We were third in line and ended up getting tickets. After securing the reservations, we popped into MAC, where I got a ne…


MAKE AN IMPRESSION by gracechristine featuring a nail lacquer Tall shirt
$31 - Miss Selfridge black bubble skirt Jeffrey campbell Studded handbag UNEARTHED red bracelet Skull jewelry Crown jewelry Nail lacquer


A Night Out

A Night Out by gracechristine featuring jeffrey campbell
H M clear dress
$23 -

Jeffrey campbell
$205 -

Forever 21 vegan handbag

Fornash jewelry

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