A New View: Over the Months

A New View is a new installation on my blog where I photograph life and the things around me.

I love photography. One of my dream careers is to be a photographer for National Geographic, but since I am not in the Amazon photographing spider monkeys or in Burkina Faso photographing the fashion in their marketplace, I will instead photograph my experiences and the things I see around me. I am now living in New York City for the summer so I am sure I will see some pretty interesting things.

For the first installation, here are some random photos I took over the past several months. My iPhoto continues to surprise me with photos I forgot I had ever taken, or ones people have taken of me. 

So, all photos below were taken by me except the three with me in them of course. Enjoy!
August 2014. Balleycroy, Ireland. (Photo cred: my grandma).
October 2014. Galway, Ireland. 
November 2014. Cardiff, Wales. 
November 2014. Cardiff, Wales.
November 2014. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
November 2014. Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo cred: Meescha).
December 2014. Orlando, Florida. 
January 2015. Brooklyn, New York. (Photo Cred: my dad). 
April 2015. Madison, New Jersey. 
May 2015. Madison, New Jersey.


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