Words Create Worlds

Life is short. 
There is no time to leave important words unsaid.
No one should underestimate the power of a good quote. Quotes can represent something to live by. They can remind you of something or someone you love. Quotes can motivate, inspire, counsel, or help you through a hard time. 
I have gathered some of the most important quotes in the lives of many people around me. These quotes provide such a glimpse into the personalities of each of these humans. 

Michelle Kim
Michelle in Paris 2014. Photo by Ron Kitts.

MJ Santry
Ireland 2015. Photo by MJ Santry.

Mary Leneghan
Mary in Columbus 2015. Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Madeline Lederer
Maddie in Ireland 2014. Photo by Institute of Study Abroad Ireland.

Philipe AbiYouness
Seacaucus Train Station. Photo by Philipe AbiYouness

Christine Troha Leneghan
Photo from Elf (2003). 

Michelle Taliento 
Michelle and her dad.

Haley Pilkington
Haley in 2015. Photo by MJ Santry.

Mary Ellen Riley
Mary Ellen (left) at 6 years old. 
Ronald Kitts
Ron at the Holden Arboretum. Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Savannah Miller
Savannah in Madison. Photo by Ryan Genualdi. 

Shafer Ward
Shafer at 9 years old.

Patrick Leneghan
Patrick with parents in Saratoga Springs in 2015. 

Ciana Proto
Young Ciana.
Emma Osmundson
Moma Street Art. Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Peggy Dubay Uhler
Peggy in her college days. 

Devon Villacampa
Galway. Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Carolyn Newes
Holden Arboretum. Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Ian Ratcliffe
Ian and his suite.

Jenna Tabaj
Baby Jenna.

Jessie Thiele
UK 2015. Photo by Emma Levin. 

Francesca Morabito
Fran 2014.

Tom Galliher 
Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Ahmad Alfawair
Amsterdam 2014. Photo by Mary Ellen Riley.

Joseph Sullivan
Photo by Grace Leneghan.

Brennan Laskas
An empty theatre. 

My favorite quote: 

Photo from SDSU Experimental Theatre

Now, comment your favorite quote. 


  1. Well, my quote is already featured, but I love the post! You put a lot of hard work into this!


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