What to Watch Right Now

The Haunting of Hill House
Released: Yes
Where to Watch: Netflix
Thoughts: Okay so everyone is saying how scary the show is, but really I think it is more sad than anything. HOWEVER, I still LOVED it. Based off a novel by Shirley Jackson, the show follows a group of siblings who spent some time during their childhood living in a haunted house, where their mother ended up committing suicide in. You just can't stop watching this show. I binged it in two days... yikes. Stand-out performances from Kate Siegel, Elizabeth Reaser, Victoria Pedretti, Carla Gugino, and Violet McGraw... basically all the women. The guys are great too but damn, the performances these women served were hauntingly captivating.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Released: November 2
Where to Watch: Movie Theaters
Thoughts: If you love Queen, you need to see this. Rami Malek plays the mega-talented icon Freddie Mercury and convinces us effortlessly that you can't help but root for  and fall in love with him, despite his big-ego and darker moments. Malek's Mercury is everything I imagine he truly was; flirty, flamboyant, fiercely unique, and energetic. A creative bombshell with star-quality from the start. The production value of this movie spares no expense to show us the sweeping moments in the spotlight, while honoring the quieter moments of Mercury's private life, especially his exploration of his sexuality. I got the privilege of seeing the movie at an advanced screening and I have to say, seeing it in a big movie theater with possibly the biggest screen I've ever witnessed definitely enhanced my experience. 

The Good Place
Released: Yes, every Thursday
Where to Watch: Hulu or NBC
Thoughts: In its third season, TGP hasn't disappointed yet. This show is feel-good/chuckle out loud with constantly changing stakes and funny quips. Lots of time jumps and twists. The entire cast is multi-cultural and hilarious. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are American treasures. But my fav has to be Janet, played by D'Arcy Carden. The show is heartwarming and charming, with jokes for DAYZ. Highly recommend if you need a show after The Haunting of Hill House to help you come down off the ledge/not be terrified and sad forever.


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