Tin Can Challenge

Hello everybody! 

So I am very excited to present to you my second Youtube video for this blog! 

 I am so nervous for you all to see it, yet I am very excited! 

I posted this video, which is the Tin Can Challenge, on my Youtube account that I share with my friend Savannah. Make sure to subscribe and thumbs up the video if you like it :)

So, here it is! Let me know in the comments what you think! Our next video will go up next week so make sure to check back. If you have any ideas of a video you would like us to make, let me know in the comments. 



  1. Go team Youtube! Really liked it, you guys are funny! I could never do the tin can challenge, not knowing what I had to eat sounds like my worst nightmare. I gave it a thumbs up! :)

    I've tagged you in The Autumn Tag so if you want to, check out my post. Xx


    1. Ah thank you Tasmin! That means a lot that you watched it :)


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