Amsterdam and My 21st Birthday!

This post is a bit late but I figured I want to show you some photos from my birthday weekend with friends in Amsterdam! My four friends from college who are studying with my in London, as well as my two best friends from high school who flew in as well, all celebrated and had a kick ass time exploring the city. 
 This was us the day before we left - November 20th is definitely the prime time to pull out those Primark Christmas sweaters, right???
So we left our flat at 3:30 am to catch the EasyBus to take us to London Stansted Airport. That journey was around an hour and 15 minutes. Once there, we got our passports approved (because Ryanair, although the cheapest option, is such a pain with all their rules) and went through security. We then grabbed a tea/coffee at Starbucks and waited about an hour for our terminal to be announced. We went there, boarded the plane, and took off to fly into Eindhoven. The flight was supposedly around 50 minutes but it felt like 10! We got to Eindhoven, got our passports stamped, and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Then waited for our bus at the station next to the airport. Our bus, which took about an hour and 45 minutes, took us to Amsterdam! I listened to music the entire way and drifted in a weird sleep-limbo. I was exhausted. We then arrived in Amsterdam and had to walk about 45 minutes to our hostel on the other end of the city! YAY.  However, I did not mind because LOOK AT THESE CANALS. 
 We also went to the famous Tulip Market! It was MASSIVE. I got my mom a cool gift from here that I think she will really like :) 
We took many photos in front of the famous I amsterdam sign - here is a pretty decent one of me on the left!
The following were all taken on my birthday night into day (Saturday into my b-day, Sunday November 23rd). 
Mary Ellen and Mary Gael - my lifelong best friends :)
Michelle, Ron, and Ahmad - my college best friends :) 
Me looking so happy :)
We survived the night. The next day we hung out in a park and had to travel home :(
So that is it :) I hope you enjoyed the photos. We also went to the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House but you aren't allowed to take any photos :(
If you've been to Amsterdam, what is your favorite part? 


  1. I would love to go to Amsterdam, it looks so pretty! Looks like you had a great 21st! :) x

    1. I did and I would definitely recommend going. I had no idea how beautiful it was going to be!

  2. I live in the Netherlands and have been to Amsterdam countless times! I am glad you came over and enjoyed yourself. The canals are one of my favourite things about it as well ^.^ Happy birthday!


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