Happy B-day from Sephora!

So it has been a very exhausting couple of days moving back home for winter break. Living in London for a little over four months was the most incredible experience. I will do a post soon highlighting my favorite parts and giving anyone who wishes to travel some advice. 
The day after I came home, my mom, my little sister, her best friend, and me went to Sephora and then to Target - probably my two favorite places that I had missed the most. I bought several things at each that I needed after running out of in London. I figured the first post I would do should be on what I got for free for my birthday from Sephora. I am super excited about these two sample sized products because I think I will actually get a lot of use out of each of them. 
I have used the mascara once and I love the brush. I used the lipstick once so far as well and I think it is a lovely color. 
What do you think of Make Up For Ever as a brand? What is on your makeup wish list this Christmas season? 


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