Revlon Colorstay Foundation & Sephora Powder

Ah it feels so lovely to be able to afford my favorite brands again. About a month in to my London trip, I dropped my almost full bottle of Revlon Colorstay Foundation on my big toe, cracking both the bottle and my nail. My nail survived, but the bottle did not. Whilst traveling to Paris, the entire bottle, after I wrapped and taped it closed, still managed to spill open and I was forced to throw the mess away. I went the next two months foundation free, which did not prove to be better or worse for my pretty normal skin. I was going to buy the same one, which is my absolute favorite, but I was disheartened when I went to Boots to find that the price was too absurdly high. Grant it, I understand that it is an American brand but STILL this is ridiculous.

So the foundation is almost DOUBLE the price in the UK. I decided it was not worth it. So now that I am home, I have bought it again for the lovely, and reasonable, price of $9.99 at Target. 
I used it today for the first time and again am reminded that this foundation is a keeper! 
I also got the Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Face Powder in Porcelain. Haven't used it yet but I bet it'll be good :) 
Have you tried either product? Have you encountered any disappointing changes in prices of cosmetics when you travel? 


  1. That price is ridiculous!! Wouldn't pay that.


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