Hello there! So after seeing many YouTubers do this tag, I decided I would do it too! This video is meant to be a bit silly, while also giving you a visual to the things I found about my bedroom at home. Now, quite a bit of my things are currently in a storage unit near my college collecting dust until I return to school in late August, so I may end up doing another one of these tags for my dorm room. 
Also, I plan on doing a room tour for my dorm as soon as I get back.
Below is a list of all the items I mention (some come with an explanation). Also, there are links to the places I purchased some of these things so check that out if you are interested in owning them too. Also, forgive the poor quality - I am currently saving up for a nice camera and light so that I can continue to film blog posts. 
I hope you enjoy!

1. An owl mug from Anthropologie (buy here)

2. Revlon Top Coat and Base Coat
3. Crayola Markers 
4. Masquerade Mask from a Masquer-rave at college
5. Calculator
6. Celtic Box that opens in a very secret, unique way
7. My first journal - I documented my days whilst in England in the summer of 2010! 
8. Memory Box - This old shoe box is FILLED with papers, photos, tickets, etc. that I have collected over the past five years.
9. Spanish-English Dictionary - I am probably going to minor in Spanish & study in Spain!
10. Stuffed dog from PINK - I don't exactly know why I have this...
11. My old PSP - I am not a gamer at all but for some reason I thought these were cool and I basically only used it to go on the internet and play Mario games.
12. One Direction CD - I am a "closet" fan... but I suppose not very "closet" anymore.
13. Scotch Tape
14. Macbook Pro Charger 
15. Rubber Cement Glue
16. Vintage Tea Party Book - I got this book at an old book shop in the town that my college is in and it looked fun and cute :)
17. Ultimate Book of Bizarre Lists - This book is perfect to read out loud whilst on a long car ride because it is very interesting and entertaining.
18. Figures by Willow Tree - I got both as gifts.
19. A book about Ireland - I am obsessed with Ireland's culture and past. I want to write a book about the time period during and after the Potato Famine. 
20. My passport (my photo is AWFUL)
21. Blue gladiator sunglasses that a guy handed me at my first college party... 
22. A painted bottle that my friend stole for me on a tree on my campus. Some art group had hung probably 50 bottles painted various colors on the tree and right before they took them down, my friend Ron stole some and gave one to me :) Thanks bro!
23. My Christmas present from Maddie (her blog). We did a Secret Santa amongst my group of friends and it just so happened that she had me and I had her. She got me a bottle of Bubble Gum Body Wash from LUSH and this mug that says one of my favorite British sayings, "Keep Calm and Carry On". 
24. A Mexican tequila shot glass from Maddie as well. She brought us all gifts from her trip to Mexico with her mum. 
25. An old mint container (Vermont's best) which now holds my bobby pins.
26. My sock money slippers that my aunt got me for college. 
27. My favorite perfume in a classy glass bottle that I won at Nationals for Irish dance last summer.
28. Hairspray - BIG SEXY HAIR is one of my favs, along with Tresemm√©. 
29. Eyeshadow/Lipstick Palette - Not sure where it's from because it was a Christmas gift.
30. The book I am currently reading - Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace 
31. Kool-aid pitcher and cup gifted to me by my friend Catherine for my graduation. This was probably one of the most creative gifts I have ever received. She wrote a little note that said, "This can only be used for drinking Kool-aid or church wine. Have fun in college!" 
32. Power strip
33. Deodorant - I like both Secret and Dove equally
34. Union Jack umbrella that I got in Cambridge when it was pouring rain one afternoon. 
35. Deliciousness - Well actually, they are called Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranates and they are the perfect snack. The pack is only 100 calories!
36. The VCR of Sense & Sensibility. This was probably the most random thing I found.
37. My new favorite purse from a thrift shop in Boston. It was $3.
38. My yoga mat
39. My four high school yearbooks
40. My Journeybook - aka our final for our Theology class my senior year. We had to put together a scrapbook of sorts that recounted our high school experience. You had to do ten essays and a certain number of visual requirements as a minimum. I went a little crazy and mine ended up being one of the largest - a whopping 80 pages filled with photos, memories, and stories!
41. My friend Gabby's flannel that I stole... for the time being. I am holding it captive for the summer :)
42. A Red Velvet Cupcake Candle... THIS. IS. PHENOMENAL.
43. The box my Macbook came in
44. My husband pillow - Such a good investment and I use it everyday! (buy here)
45. Hornietta - A stuffed animal I made this past semester that has had many adventures in various college dorms. 
46. Peanut - My childhood stuffed animal that I have had since I was six.
47. My family's iPad
48. Eggplant purse from Forever 21
49. Clutch from River Island
50. My iPhone! The case is from a website called Society6 where artists can turn their work into merchandise (buy here)

Music: Upside Down - Paloma Faith

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this video :)


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