Alphabet Tag - My Favorites

I thought this was a really cute tag and this will help you to know me a bit more!

A. Actors- Meryl Streep, Felicity Jones, Jessica Chastain

B. Book- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

C. Color- Forest Green
D. Destination - Cambridge, England 

E. Ethnic Food - Mexican

F. Fruit- Raspberries

G. Grade- My senior year of high school and freshman year of college!

H. Hairspray - Big Sexy Hair / Tresemm√©  

I. Irish Dance Dress- My most recent because it was asymmetrical
J. Jewelry- Earrings 

K. Kindest thing a stranger did for me- On my way home for Christmas break, I arrived at the airport and they told me that I needed to pay for my checked bag because it wasn't included. I didn't have enough cash on me and they didn't take debit so I stood there almost in tears because I didn't know what to do. The man behind me overheard and offered to pay the entire fee. I said that I couldn't let him do that but he insisted and smiled and told me to have a Merry Christmas. I was so touched by his kindness and I couldn't stop thanking him!

L. Lipstick- Mac Russian Red

M. Movie- How to Steal a Million and Pride and Prejudice

N. Nickname- Grooose

O. Obsession- Cardigans 

P. Photo Memory- My blonde days!  

Q. Quote- "I once got so wrecked that I woke up naked next to a hamburger, and I was like "did I just have sex with a hamburger?" 
-Katie (Isla Fischer) in Bachelorette

R. Role Model- my mom 

S. Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell Cheetah Wedges from Topshop :)

T. Talent- Irish dancing

U. Unique quality- I am extremely empathetic   

V. Vegetable- Asparagus

W. Word- Whimsical 

X. X-anything- "Xyxy" by Mesita

Y. "Yes" moment- This past semester when my friend's and I were just hanging out one night and saw that there was a huge blow out party at a club in NYC going on. My friend turned to me and said, "This sounds so fun! (jokingly) We should go." And I responded, "YES LET'S GO!" Everyone in the room stared at me as they thought I was joking. But I was ready to be spontaneous!! We all looked at each other and started to smile. It was decided. We got dressed and hopped on the next train to the city and had an amazing and memorable night!

Z. Zoo animal - Rhino


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