Monthly Favorites | October

Hello everyone! 
I know this is so late (eek so busy) but I figured better late than never :)
Here are my favorite bits from October. October literally flew by and I cannot believe November is a third of the way in. Thanksgiving and my birthday are in less than 3 weeks! 
(I told my mom that I am terrified to be in my twenties. She laughed and said it would be the best years of my life. I told her that I knew that but that meant I only had ten years to make it amazing).
I got these boots in England from Next. I wore these or my combat boots almost every day during October. They are just perfect for the autumn. 
I saw three more Broadway shows this month (First Date was in Sept). I am so fortunate to be only a train ride away from NYC. 
These are SO good. They are pomegranates covered in dark chocolate. I love to eat a few of these with several almonds as a mid-day snack!
My favorite flannel. So comfy and perfect for the weather. I love wearing it buttoned up with leggings and my Next boots or unbuttoned with a tank top when I am lounging about in my room. 
(ps the way I edited this makes it look yellow but alas it is not haha)
My current favorite scent. Diamond Dust from Victoria Secret.
I used these on Halloween when I was a cat and they are beautiful. I am trying to come up with an excuse to wear them again- probably to a party this coming weekend when the show I am working on ends :)
My current favorite tea obsession! It is so earthy feeling and refreshing. I love having this when I come back to my dorm after a long day. AND I am looking forward to when I can repurpose the tea can into something cute!
During the past month, my friends and I have been obsessed with watching Chuck and Veronica Mars. I am still on season one of both but not for long! And American Horror Story Coven can just stop being insanely good because I cannot handle it. 

So that's it! Hope you enjoyed this post :) Leave me a comment telling me your favs from the past month or if you like any of this. 


  1. Love everything! I'm so insanely jealous you get to go to Broadway shows you can't even imagine. Deep breaths. Also, Coven is sosososos ridiculously good I wish it wasn't on just once a week lol.

    Ada | thespianxx

    1. Ah haha I love going to college near the city :) and Coven is terrifyingly amazing. I want it everyday please!

  2. I LOVE brookside, fruit + chocolate I would eat half the bag so I need to try and stay away lol. Thise are cute boots.

    1. I know. I would eat half of the bag but then I looked at the serving size and I was like OH SHOOT. haha but they are so delicious!

  3. Aww! I absolutely love these posts! You are so adorable and I really want to watch American Horror Story, do you think I should?

    1. Absolutely NOT. You are 13 years old which is at least 3 years too young. I swear to god it will 1) freak you out 2) terrify you 3) scar you for life. It is very very graphic. But I am glad you life these posts - I love doing them! Love you sis!

  4. Those lashes are amazing! We can wear them and match this weekend :)

  5. Love posts like these :) I haven't managed to put mine up yet!
    I absolutely love the VS fragrances, I bet this smells amazing :) Also flannel shirts are a must-have now during A/W :)


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