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Hello all :) So I am really excited to do a review of some of the music I have been loving from this past month. Amidst my undying love for my favorites (Ellie Goulding, alt-j, Friendly Fires, American Authors, etc. etc.) I have some new finds that I have been really getting into over the past several weeks.  

1) The Dig - These guys are awesome. They are a four-piece psych pop band based in NYC. Their album Midnight Flowers is on point. I love the songs "I Already Forgot Everything You Said" and "Hole in My Heart".

2) Into It. Over It. - Evan Weiss has a pretty sick, indie voice. He gets a bit too rock band cliché for me at times, the kind of music my younger brother likes and the stuff you would find at a Battle of the Bands, but his slow, calm guitar ballads are beautiful.  Check out "Your Antique Organ" and  "The Frames That Used to Greet Me". 

3) Jagwar Ma - These boys are my shit right now. I love their album Howlin. They are an Australian psychedelic dance band from Sydney. "Come Save Me", "Man I Need", and "Uncertainty" are two of my favs. Seriously check them out because they are just really cool. 

4) The Preatures - Another Australian band... I really like Australian music apparently - Andy Bull, Medusa, Emma Louise, The Paper Kites, Kimbra, The Veronicas, City Calm Down, and of course both Jagwar Ma and The Preatures. WHOA. Anyway, so this band is kick ass. They kinda have a Haim-y sound to them and their song "Is This How You Feel?" has been my jam recently. 

Anyway, that's about it. Let me know what you think of these. Seriously, check them out. They are cool and if you want to expand your music knowledge like I am constantly trying to do, then take the time to check out something new. Let me know what music you have been loving lately! 


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