My Roommate Hijacked My Blog

Hiiii I'm Graceee! Welcome to A Bit Graceful!! Omg, I fricking adore my beautiful roommate. She is the best human being to have ever existed everrr.

Graceeeee that's awkward, why are you being so weird? o.O 
Heyyy I'm Michelle, Grace's roommate.
And I am here to tell you about BINGE-WORTHY TV SHOWS

So say you're super bored on a lonesome day, what do you do??
Watch some TV!!!


So this show has been a recent obsession for Grace, after Ron(a friend of ours) and I introduced her to it. It is literally an AMAZING show that keeps you at the edge of your seat in every single episode! It just makes you so emotional and while it has been off the air (after its unfortunate cancellation in 2007), it has resurrected from the dead due to its loyal fans! And now, we can look forward to its movie which comes out March 14!! (Get it? PI day??) You can watch all the episodes if you are a Amazon Prime member (Just do the free month trial :)) 


I know that this was a super popular show when it was on the air, but I just recently got into it. It is so funny, witty, and an all-around heartwarming show. It has pretty dry humor so if you're not into that, then I would recommend not watching all the episodes at once. You can watch the entire series on Netflix! The episodes are only about 20 minutes long so you can easily watch one while you get ready in the morning or have a little bit of free time!


This is such a funny show! It is currently on USA Network and you can catch it on Netflix! This show will have you laughing, crying, and at the edge of your seat (they KNOW how to do their season finales)! Trust me, it has everything you need!


Two words: Zachary Levi! He is basically the most perfect human being! Like Psych, it will make you go on a roller coaster ride of emotions. For those of you who don't know, Chuck is about a normal guy who has found himself in a hard place in life and gets involved with government secrets.This show is so good that in order to prevent being cancelled, fans convinced Subway (the food chain) to sponsor it. 


Shonda Rhimes (the creator) is a Genius! Honestly, any show she is a part of (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) is amazing and binge-worthy. Scandal has drama, intrigue, shock factor, sex appeal, etc. This show is so smart that you can't help but be consumed when watching it!

Now for some honorary mentions: 
- Orange is the New Black: I haven't yet had the opportunity to watch this show but from what I have heard, it is nothing short of GREAT. A Netflix original (I'm sure you've already seen it and love it)
- Gossip Girl: you can never have too much of this show. While as the series progressed, I did get a little wary, it is so much fun - a great guilty pleasure. Honestly, everyone needs a little more Blair Waldorf in their lives (with a sprinkle of Chuck Bass)
- Teen Wolf: Yes, I watch Teen Wolf, and I have become so obsessed with it - it is my guilty pleasure. One word: Stiles (or Dylan O'Brien) - he makes everything better. The show gets immensely better as the series progresses; this season, is amazing! So much suspense, intrigue, and drama, with a touch of comedy. 

Alrighty! Well it was so much fun to share this with all of you! As for this post, byeee!!!
This is Grace's roommate, signing off! :)


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