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Hello everybody! I have recently gained a few new followers so hello and thank you for following me :) I thought today I would do a sort of unconventional post. This is basically an update on what's going on in my life. Honestly I don't know how interesting my life really is but I thought it would be nice to share what I've been up to and hear back from you! 

Spring semester of my sophomore year has been pretty damn good so far. Last semester I had a lot of anxiety and suffered from a few panic attacks. I think most of that stress was caused by the show I was stage managing and my friends, but this semester has been free of most of those worries :) I have had tons of incredible nights spent with my closest friends just hanging out and loving life. I also stage managed a show, Bobby Hebert, that just closed last night. The people I got to work were amazing and I cherish that experience so much. I am also acting in The Gas Heart, which goes up in about a month, as well as light designing again for my university's dance show in mid-April. 

My spring break, which starts next Friday, is going to be filled with incredible things too! First I am going to Ft. Myers Florida to meet up with my older brother. We are spending five days at my grandparents summer home all by ourselves! I will be sure to share pictures :) After that I fly back to NYC and that night I am going to see ELLIE GOULDING in concert at Madison Square Garden with two amazing friends who I can't wait to catch up with. The rest of my break will be spent in NYC  helping out at my aunt's preschool during the day, dinners with friends, a couple Broadway and off-Broadway shows with friends at night, and dance clubs late at night. I am also seeing the Veronica Mars movie which I am so stoked for - I have been waiting so long haha.

I also recently found out I was accepted into a London/Edinburgh program for the month of August to study theatre. I am then staying in London and studying abroad for the entire semester. Extreme excitement does not even begin to explain my feelings about this... :) 

So here are a few pictures I want to share with you! ENJOY.

My Friends and Me!

Bobby Hebert

 Random photos from my fancy camera...

My Dorm Room


  1. I'm so jealous of your life, like it's not even fair. And your perfect and I love you(: xx

    1. Don't be jealous Mary you have such a wonderful life as well. I love you x a million and can't wait to reunite our lives over the summer!

  2. Those last photos are so lovely, I want that room!

    I have a beauty/music/lifestyle blog over at luciescorner.blogspot.com


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