Beauty Empties

It's kind of weird to photograph empty products, right?

Well, I did anyway.

First is the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. This toner is 8.5 Fl Oz... THAT IS A LOT OF TONER. I am so proud of myself that I used this entire baby up. It lasted me a LONG time and I would definitely repurchase this product because a) it is fairly cheap and b) it does the job

In the middle is the No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover. Now, it IS oil-free so one should not expect it to wipe away makeup in one swift motion but I am not the biggest fan of this. I love other No7 products for their fresh smell and lasting results; however, this eye makeup remover hardly works and I found myself having to really scrub, which is irritating and just completely not worth the time. I did still use the whole bottle up, reserving it for times when I had very light makeup on. 

Last product is The Olive Branch shower gel from LUSH. I loved this so much that I started to use less of it towards the end of its days to drag it out. It has such a unique scent and texture. Without shaking/mixing it up, it is a bright orange color; but, you have to shake the bottle every time so the oils can disperse and take effect. It is very runny and soft with a delightful smell of mandarin and olive oil (really unique, right?). I would recommend trying this out maybe first in a smaller bottle to see if you like it because I have a feeling this product isn't for everyone. 

So I thought this post would be something different! 
What do you think? 
What products have you recently finished that you will or will not purchase again? 


  1. I need eye makeup remover to be honest, this was a great review. I think I'll try it out sometime, thanks!


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