July Music!

I've realized I sing to myself a lot. I hope people don't hear me. Or if they do, I hope they know I'm am singing/humming and not just talking to myself. 

Some days I have a decent voice. Other days I am cringing because I am so off pitch and awkward sounding, like I am trying too hard or something... usually because I am trying too hard. 

I used to sing in a Chorale. Four years and my last as the president. This is sad for two reasons, 1) because I disliked it so much but was so invested that it felt it was too late to quit every year and 2) because even as president, 'senioritis' (link: Urban Dictionary describes it quite well) was very much affecting me and I would occasionally skip class to help out in our scene shop during our spring play or to hang in lunch with friends longer. 

{Whilst also on Urban Dictionary, I searched choir and I like this little description: "true choir lovers can usually be identified by the way they randomly break out singing anytime, anywhere". I know a few of these.... alas, I am not one.}

BUT, despite my hatred of structured group harmonic singing, I still love to sing.

So the point of all that was that I was 'under my breath singing' one of the songs ("Clair de Lune") in this month's music favorites ALL DAY TODAY and I am a bit embarrassed because people totally heard me and it was hella AWK.

So, there ya go. Story time over! On to what I have been loving and what I think YOU should check out!

1) Snow PatrolNorthern Irish/Scottish alternative rock band
(The Golden Floor / The Lightning Strike / Somewhere a Clock is Ticking / Take Back the City)

2) KimbraNew Zealand recording artist based in Melbourne, Australia
(Settle Down / Warrior / Posse)

3) Flight Facilitiesan Australian indie electro DJ duo who also performs as Hugo & Jimmy
(Crave You / Clair de Lune** / With You / I Didn't Believe)

4) Purity RingCanadian electronic music duo 
(Fineshrine / Belispeak / Lofticries / Crawlersout)

{Sorry, no links to them on Youtube like last time - that took me forever and I wanted to get this post up tonight! Seriously though, look them up though!!}

I have loved Snow Patrol for YEARS and "The Golden Floor" was my favorite song for a whole year in high school. The other three are fairly new loves and I would definitely recommend trying them out to see if you like what they are about. If you do, let me know what you think! It's funny because when I made this blog I thought I would be more into beauty/fashion but I just LOVE talking about music and listening to people's recs and giving recs/opinions on what is quality, awesome, unique, etc. 

What have YOU been listening to?! Tell me! PLEASE. I love hearing from you in the comments :)



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