Hello there! So these Instagrams are from the last TWO weeks. They are filled with lots of fun times from when I was in Washington D.C. visiting family, celebrating my mom's birthday, and our parish's festival which I have been working non-stop the past five days. I hope you enjoy seeing these photos!

Making door decs bc he is an RA // my mom with her new Michael Kors // my mom's birthday gifts included two books and a new purse // me and my mom at lunch on her birthday

meeting Joshua Allen from So You Think You Can Dance on National Dance Day in D.C. // eating a Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream from an Ice Cream truck // the Capitol in D.C. // new knitting

The lollipop tree I made for Kiddieland at our festival // saw these in Target and asked which people like better // watching my academy Irish dance at our festival 

I hope you enjoy these kind of lifestyle posts. I love taking photos and sharing them with people :)
I hope your weekend is going well!


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