Day in the Life | My Fall Break

This past weekend was my university's fall break so my roommate Michelle, my friend Maddie, and I went into NYC for three days. We took the train in from Jersey on Friday night. Maddie and I went to Brooklyn while Michelle went to stay with her sister on the Upper West Side. Maddie and I spent the night at my aunt and uncle's, ordered in amazing Italian food from one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn called Vinny's, watched two movies, and had a fun, bonding, relaxing night. On Saturday, we met up with Michelle in Nolita to go to our favorite organic café called Epistrophy. I ordered my favorite (my usual): a croissant with salmon, brie, arugula, and cherry tomatoes. I also got a Jasmine tea that was beautiful.  
After, we got gelato at Ciao Bella and it was perfection. We then headed to the theatre district to watch director David Leveaux's Romeo and Juliet with Orlando Bloom and Condola RashadThe spectacle of the show was really cool - there was fire, music, and flying in of set pieces. However, the acting and chemistry on stage was lacking. It was still very enjoyable to watch though and I liked watching their unique contemporary adaptation. AAANNDDD I met Orlando Bloom afterwards and got his signature! He unfortunately didn't have time to take photos with people but we got many creeper pictures of him looking cute and talking to us.
After the show, Maddie hopped on a train to go home to Boston and Michelle and I went to China Town to Joe's Shanghai where you can find the best pork dumplings ever! I headed back to Brooklyn and watched Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing with my lovely Aunt <3 

The next morning, my aunt and uncle took me to Odessa in the East Village for breakfast.  It was incredible and our waiter was this adorable old man who kept calling me beautiful :) We then went to my aunt's favorite bookstore, Housing Works on Crosby Street where I got several plays. They then dropped me off in the theatre district to meet up with Michelle. We went to the matinee performance of director John Tiffany's The Glass Menagerie with an all-star cast, including my idol Cherry Jones. It was breath-taking!

(Me realizing I am not Cherry Jones............. YET)
Me and Brian J. Smith who played a wonderful Gentlemen Caller. I told him I loved him from Gossip Girl and he laughed and said "Yeah I always either get that or that they love me from the Syfy channel stuff I have done. Weird contrast!" and I laughed and said "But that's awesome!" and we chuckled and had a moment and he hugged me and I died. He is just so adorable :) 
I got this poster for my dorm!
The playbills from this weekend with signatures from the cast.
My tickets :)
<3 The things I bought. Those are the plays and I also bought two things from Sephora. Soap & Glory's Hand Food and the new Sephora eyeliner that I had on my October Wishlist. I have been using it and I already love it! I will do a review soon. 
I went back to campus on Saturday night, exhausted but so happy. Michelle stayed in the city and watched First Date again with her sister :) She got a poster for her side of our dorm!

On Monday, we still did not have class and so several of my friends (Ron, Andrew, Michelle, and Shafer) and I took a mini road-trip to visit our friend Meredith who got her tonsils out and was recovering at home. We drove 2 hours to Connecticut, blasting music and laughing the entire time. We hung out there, gossiping of course and bonding. It was an amazing time. We got back really late last night but it was so worth it!!! I seriously am so lucky to have the most amazing friends.  
I had such an amazing weekend and I hope you did too! Also, I hope you enjoyed this post :) Thanks for reading! xx


  1. Hey! thought i'd let you know that ive tagged you in my latest post! go check it out! cant wait to read your replys!

  2. wow seems like you had fun! I haven't been to NYC in so long but I would love to see a few Broadway plays there!

    1. Yes NYC is so magical. Broadway is awesome but there are also so many other places to see great theatre! Thank you for your comment! xx

  3. FALL BREAK?! When do I get a Fall Break? Oh that's right, never. And I started 2 weeks earlier than you! The world is unjust. Be safe in New York City.

    1. Haha I love you!!! I've decided you should come visit me for your Spring Break.

  4. Wow seems like you had an amazing fall break. I want to go back to NYC! That little restaurant place looked so cute!

    1. It is my favorite restaurant! Thank you for your comment <3


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