Review: Moroccan Oil Treatment

Hello there!

I thought I would do a review on this product as I have been using it for the past two months. Now, I do not actually own this, particularly because it is so expensive and I haven't been able to save up money to buy my own. It is actually my loving roommate Michelle's who encourages me to use it all the time because she loves me and is the best person ever. She knows that my hair needs all the treatment it can get because my hair is crazy! 

I put two pumps into my hands and work it through my wet hair after I shower. The smell is amazing. It works as both a heat protectant, a product that quickens the drying of my hair, and makes my hair smooth and shiny. Plus, it is so pretty and makes me feel classy and special when I use it. Thanks Michelle! It is quite expensive (around $40 I think) but I am hoping to invest in my own bottle as soon as I can afford it :)

I do still love my Organix Moroccan Oil that I reviewed back in my Monthly Favorites from June but I think I want to invest in this one!

What do you think? Have you tried this product or a similar one? 


  1. I like this, I use it all the time and it is great for naturally curly hair! I have a lot of hair so my hair just sucks this stuff up and I go through it quite fast.

  2. I have this product but in the regular version. I don't know if there is a big difference between the regular and the light version but I'm very happy with this product. It makes my hair feel very soft and shiny.



  3. Can't wait to get this now! Might need the normal though! :) have you seen my last post?

  4. I've wanted to try this oil. I use macadamia oil right now and love it!


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