Monthly Favorites: June!

Hello there my lovelies!

June has ended and now it is time for a monthly favorites post! 
I thought I would start off with my favorite beauty, skin care, and hair products.

First, the beauty products:

  • The Pink Punch Baby Lips smells amazing and gives my lips a pale, baby pink sheen. I would recommend when wearing Baby Lips to apply a lip balm underneath to add moisture and you are good to go.
  • I did just get the Maybelline Master Smoky Eyeliner (in Black Smoke) a week ago, but I can already tell from using it these past six days that it is a keeper. I wear this on my under-eye water line paired with a liquid or gel eyeliner on my top lid. It goes on quite smoothly and stays in place for a long time.
  • In the bottom left corner is my Estée Lauder Deluze All-Over Face Compact which features two silky powder blushes in Rose Wood (left) and Nude Rose (center) and a soft matte bronzer (right). I really like contouring with the two blushes. I must admit though that since I am very pale I do not use any bronzer at all so I do not get much use out of that. Still, it is a lovely compact to have and it is conveniently small. 
  • The Revlon 24 Hour Colorstay Foundation has been my obsession. I have mine for Normal/Dry Skin in 110 Ivory. This foundation has been great for my skin and the color is just right for my skin tone. If you haven't already, definitely check this out and let me know what you think. 

Moving on to the rest of the products:

  • On the left is a Lollia Shea Butter Hand Creme from Anthropologie in Classic Petal. Now, this has been my favorite hand creme for more than just the month of June. I have been using it almost every day since back in April when I got it. In my opinion, the smell is addictive and it definitely does its job of moisturizing my hands very nicely.
  • In the middle is a mason jar filled with cotton pads that I use to take off my makeup every night. I end up using about three every night. I just get a pack of 100 count from Target and although a bit small, they work really well. 
  • Back in January, my little sister and I went a bit "sale crazy" and bought up about 10 Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists and Lotions. Lately, I have been using the Blooming Violet. It just smells so summery fresh :) 

  • I really have been enjoying the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil. I think my hair has benefited from me spraying this on after I shower with slightly damp hair and then brushing it through. It has helped my split ends and I think it has made my hair more shiny and healthy looking. I also am fascinated every time I use it being that it is a weightless dry oil. It also smells quite nice.
  • In the morning, first thing I do is wash my face with the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit. It is a foaming scrub that has micro-beads in it. I find that my skin feels a bit dry after using it but when I apply my face moisturizer, I feel refreshed and clean. I use the Cleansing Wipes at the end of my day as an initial step in taking off my makeup.
  • This is my newest perfume called Malaia! It was $40 from Hollister. I LOVE how it smells. It is a very floral beachy scent that stays strong for a while. I also love the bottle and the atomizer. 

So, besides all those products, I have really gotten in to Skins this past month and I loved seeing several movies, one being Now You See Me which blew my mind!

I also have been loving my denim button down shirt from Hollister (I normally don't shop at Hollister but my older brother is an associate and gets a really nice discount there, at A&F and at Gilly Hicks) and my new Forever 21 Metal Cat shirt.

So I hope you enjoyed this type of post! What have you been loving this past month?


  1. Such lovely products you have this month we did it with a little twist love the Estée Lauder compact

    Carrieanne x

    1. Thank you!! I love your monthly favorites post :)

  2. Malaia is the bee's knees. Go older brother shout out! I hear he is sexyyyyy.

    1. Oh he is!! Haha I seriously LOVE everything I got from that shopping trip, especially the perfume and the denim button down :)

  3. now you're a hollista girl guess we can't be seen ridin the waves of california otgether.......

    speakin of new things i just got new perfume so now i'll smell good and we can hang out again see u tomorrow i hope!!!!!!!! you're welcome for embarrassing u on social media angelface x

    1. Haha OH THANKS! and yay I can't wait for our party tomorrow :)

  4. I see our lotion! I lost mine and am desperately in need of a new one.

    <3 Maddie

    1. Oh my gosh nooooo!!! I think they are so worth the money!

  5. love maybelline baby lips

    check out my blog and follow if you like!!!

    1. Agreed! I followed you on Bloglovin'! Follow back if you like :)


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