2014 | A Happy Whirlwind

I cannot lie, 2014 was one of the best years of my life. Looking back, I realize I have accomplished a lot of my goals, matured in many ways, and experienced things I will never forget. I think it is good to look back on mistakes to learn something from them. I also make sure to look back on the best moments and be proud! So this post may be mostly for my own sake, but I will share it with you!

A couple lows and the lessons I learned from them:

- My computer crashed and I lost thousands of photos on iPhoto and tons of videos on iMovie. I also lost some documents but luckily I had most documents backed up on my Google drive. 
Lesson learned: Keep an external hard drive and back up at least once a week. Also, utilize Google drive more. Also don't delete photos off of memory card until computer is backed up. 

- I lost 23 lbs. over the summer.... and gained it all back this past fall semester.
Lesson learned: Stick to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Now I am striving to lose the weight again not for any other purpose than it MAKES ME HAPPY. I know I don't NEED to, I know I don't HAVE to for my health, I know I don't need to STRESS about it, but it is important to me and no one can pass judgment or make me feel bad for that. 

Now, here are my 2014 highlights:
- THEATRE | I acted in my first professional staged reading of a new musical in NYC, acted in two full length productions, took several acting classes and workshops, light designed two shows, stage managed a show, and I wrote two plays + several stand alone monologues. I also have seen over 50 plays and performances this year.

- TRAVEL | Not only did I study abroad and live in London for 4 months, but throughout that time, I traveled to all around England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and The Netherlands. I went to over 30 different cities and visited places I had only dreamed about :)

- FRIENDS | I have made several new, really important friends this past year (shout out to Milly, Carolyn, Marley, Sheamus, Brooke, Nate, Chris, Karianne, Emmy, Eryn, Julia, Chris, Sinead, Jules, Annie, Ahmad, Charlie, and Bret).

- ACADEMICS | I got Dean's List again both semesters this year and maintained Honors. Three more semester of university to go.... eek!

- TRIED NEW THINGS | I played rugby, I dyed my hair about seven different colors throughout the year, and I learned new recipes to cook when I am on my own. I also tried to be more patient and understanding, especially when a friend has frustrated or disappointed me. I need to keep that up! Being the bigger person is always better. 

- FAMILY VACATION | My trip to Orlando for Christmas with my family was such a highlight and perfect way to end the year! I love them so much and we had such an incredibly happy time. 

So I will leave this post with my favorite photo of me from this year, taken in Edinburgh, Scotland overlooking the Leith. I felt on top of the world here and it feels like a perfect photo to remember this year by (even though there are about 10,000 I have from this year to remember it by haha). 


  1. You are so amazing and gorgeous! Love you.

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant year! Congrats on all your achievements!
    Happy New Year and here's to 2015!

  3. 2014 was an amazing year for you! I'd love to travel at some point and to be in a show would be brilliant! Thanks for the reminder to back up my computer, I'm always forgetting about that!


    1. Haha yes make sure to back it up! Thank you for your lovely comment <3

  4. I'm so proud of you! You are grounded and wonderful(: Keep it up!


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