January Music | 2015

Alright so these are the songs defining my January right now.
"Sloppy Seconds" - Watsky
"I'll Be Good" - Jaymes Young 
"Long Way Down"- Robert DeLong
"Don't You Find" - Jamie T

Honorable mentions from late December: Vance Joy's "Mess is Mine" and Dan Black + Kid Cudi's "Symphonies" (which has an incredible music video in my opinion)

ALSO, I unashamedly am obsessed with J.R.R. Tolkien now. I am not only in love with The Lord of the Rings, but The Hobbit as well. These two songs, Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" and Billy Boyd's "The Last Goodbye" are constantly on repeat when I am in a chill mood, or just feeling extra emotional over my LOTR/Hobbit obsession. These songs are not only beautifully relevant  and made for the movies, but they are actually incredible songs that I would love even if I did not understand the context behind them. 

What have you been listening to this winter? I obviously have playlists galore on Spotify (which you can follow by looking up my name - Grace Leneghan), but these are some of the stand outs. 


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