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So one of my blog goals for this new year is to write more. I remember when I first started A Bit Graceful and realizing quickly that it would have a more photo story-telling base than anything. I believe I have improved my photography immensely in the past two years but I would love to now focus on my writing through this blog. 
My writing experience comes down to the fact that I am good at academic essays, research papers, and any short format of creative writing. I am a playwright in actuality, but a novelist in my dreams. When I was younger, especially in high school when I had a lot of lows from pressure, stress, and death in my life, I would write ideas in a binder. These ideas would formulate the structure for a novel I would presumably write if I ever had the determination and time, however, I never actually wrote one. I have a binder FILLED with at least ten different ideas for a novel, one of which I have been developing since and have never ceased to think about as it has always touched very close to me. Now, I will let you know if it ever becomes something more than the pages of research, chapter ideas, character lists, descriptions, & relationships but for now, it will just be something I come back to every once in a while to ponder over. 
In terms of my playwriting, I have written two one act plays (each about 45 minutes to an hour) based off of real events. 
Swastika was inspired by a current event in October of 2013 where three teens in Portland, Oregon kidnapped and tortured a classmate who had been bullying them. He escaped his captivity and they faced severe charges. They were all 14 and 15 years old. My play is told from multiple perspectives and probably the piece I have put the most time into of all. 
Overcrowded is inspired by a Postman's Park Plaque in London honoring Ellen Donovan, a woman who rushed into a burning house to save a neighbor's children and perished in the flames. That is all that is known about her. So I created a story from that. 
I also have about four concepts for other plays going, including an adaptation of Vile Bodies (combined with aspects of the movie Bright Young Things) by Evelyn Vaughn, a comedy about my two friends, a modern-day drama/comedy about a dinner party of a bunch of early twenty year olds, and another drama about an early 20th century London house and all its tenants. I also have written several monologues, which I would love to submit to be published eventually. I think being an actor helps a lot in writing monologues because you know inherently what works and what feels too indulgent or contrived.
So there's my personal writing but what about this blog? I don't think posting my creative work on here is something I would want to do but I do think sharing some of my ideas might be beneficial to hear feedback occasionally. Obviously, my main goal of incorporating more writing into this blog means more writing on every day posts. I tend to slab tons of photos together and let them speak for themselves but I am going to try to put more weight on my words. 
What do you think? I am trying not to do a succinct list of "New Year's Resolutions" but I do want to try new things to hopefully make me a better blogger (and person). 


  1. This is such a lovely post! I too would love to write a novel one day, I have an idea but it needs developing and that means patience which I lack. Your plays sound really interesting and I would be so happy for you if you got your monologues published. Good luck with everything : )

    1. Ah thank you so much Kathryn! Patience is probably my biggest flaw as well when it comes to writing - it can be very long and arduous! xx

  2. I'm really excited to read everything you write this year Grace! :) x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  3. Wow, your plays sound so interesting. I was never very good at creative writing at school but wished I was. It sounds silly as I know nothing about music, but I used to write songs in my little notebook when everyone went to sleep. They were terrible but I enjoyed writing. I'd love to see more writing and more of your ideas on this blog. Could you imagine releasing your own novel? Wouldn't that be amazing! Xx

    1. I don't think that sounds silly at all! I would do the same but with plays when I was little - kept a notebook and although they were terrible, it definitely got my creative juices flowing! Haha I can not even imagine publishing a novel but it is something I would love to accomplish in my lifetime. xx


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