Long Weekend Part I | Classy Dinner w/ Friends

Hello lovelies! This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend which means a three day weekend (everyone being off Monday) and my weekend has been very exciting! Because a lot has happened and is still happening, I have decided to break the weekend up into THREE PARTS! 

Part I is Friday :) My friends and I decided to have a classy dinner where we each brought something to eat and we would dress up and be adorable! Here are some of the photos I took - I hope you enjoy!

The table was simply stunning. My friend Kelly hosted and we used her parents' good crystal because WE ARE JUST THAT CLASSY. 

Here are a few candids of my silly friends...

This is Alyssa... she is my light.

This is Kelly eating the chip and looking precious and Mary Gael looking so happy!!

Mary Ellen (on the right) made delicious homemade guacamole and we couldn't stop munching as an appetizer. 

This is Kasey and Mary Ellen, both looking fierce in neutral tones.

Now on to the food!!!! 

This was the set up. We took our plates up and went through the line.

I made the fruit salad and veg salad :)

Kasey made grilled shrimp skewers. SO GOOD!

Kelly, as the host, made our main portion of the meal which was Caprese mac n cheese, inspiration having come from Pinterest.

Mary Gael made these RED VELVET WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING AND A SECRET OREO ON THE BOTTOM cupcakes. I don't need to tell you how good they were - you can tell.

Alyssa brought us more delicious dessert - oatmeal raisin cookies and mini chocolate cupcakes!

This was my plate :)

Then after we ate, we went outside for a bonfire and LOTS of catching up and reminiscing. We had to put on sweaters when it got a bit nippy.

Our friend Helen, all the way on the right, came for the bonfire because she had a family thing, but this is the whole group right before we all headed home. 

I had such a lovely evening with my girls. 

Stay tuned for Part II which will be up very soon!

Hope you enjoyed <3



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