Long Weekend Part II | Feising + Fun

Hello my lovely readers :) So as Part II to this long day weekend, this post is dedicated to Saturday and Sunday! I Irish danced for 14 years and a huge part of that culture is the FEIS (which is the name for a regular competition). This is the second year I have not competed but it is still always an amazing time going to support my friends and little sister at their competitions. This weekend were the Akron and Cleveland Feises - which are super close to home as we live in a suburb of Cleveland. My little sister Mary (almost 14) danced beautifully both days - I was so proud, especially since she is wearing my old dress and looks absolutely stunning in it :) Some of my other best friends competed as well, receiving spectacular results and boosts of confidence as they train for Nationals this July. 

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Instead of wearing her massive wig (shown to the right), she decided she wanted to try something different :) 

I did her hair in a side bun with a pouf and it turned out really beautifully. Our dance teacher loved it! 

One of my best friends in the entire world, Mary Gael, came along to spend the day with us. She slept over the night before. Waking up early to drive to Akron the next morning was pretty rough but we stopped and got some caffeine at Dunkin Donuts (so clearly all was well from that point on). 
Mary Gael decided that since she is a princess, she should wear a crown... I think it looks lovely on her <3

We had a bit too much downtime before Mary danced so we had a mini photoshoot outside on the field where we set up camp. This is my older brother Patrick (22) mocking Mary and the typical "13-year old girls pose with friends". Real cute. 

This is my mom!! She is beautiful, right? :) 

This is Meaghan (14), one of Mary's best friends. She dances a year ahead of Mary so they do not have to compete against one another. 

This is me doing Mary's makeup. I am basically her personal assistant and motivational coach when I go to feises with her now since I don't have to dance myself.

 ALSO, trying to do liquid, winged eyeliner on someone else is HELLA HARD.

∆ Me + MG ∆

∫  Meaghan + Mary ∫

One of the many makeup palettes we brought for Mary's stage makeup... completely necessary!

My stunning friend Taylor (19). She is a remarkable dancer and clearly super beautiful. 

Mary on her way to her stage to do her first round. 

My mom touching up Mary's lipstick.

Waiting for her competition to start. 
I think I was so focused on her makeup that I failed to do my own haha.

Hydrating after dancing gorgeously! 

This was unavoidable.

Lots of pink going on all day!

My two favorite ladies. 

Wonderful friends and dancers (left to right): Alyssa (20), Cassie (18), and Taylor (19).

Leaving the first feis after a successful, happy day!


Sunday was the Cleveland Feis... unfortunately I did not take nearly as many photos because we were inside the whole day but here are a few!

I know almost every one of these girls and I was so proud of them! This was the Over 19 Open Championships competition (which would be the one I would compete in if I still danced).   

Mary and Meaghan both got the same place in each of their comps and were so thrilled :)

After the feis, we headed to our favorite Irish pub and had a delicious dinner. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I hope you had an amazing weekend :) 

Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow Americans!



  1. I saw so many beautiful smiles and hairstyles in this post! :))

    Kisses, Kali


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