Mother's Day

So, Mother's Day in America is Sunday, May 11th and I unfortunately do not get the privilege of spending the day with my mom :( I'm still in school (in New Jersey) and I can't just fly back to Ohio for the weekend, particularly because I come home for summer break one week later. 

If you are able to spend the day with your mom or someone who is a motherly figure in your life, know that you are so lucky because I wish I could!

Instead, I decided to send my mom a card that I personalized. My friend Maddie just featured this site on her blog and I decided to check it out. Treat. by Shutterfly is where you can make personalized cards that are then printed and sent straight to the recipient or to you as the sender. They have a Mother's Day special offer going on and I made my mom a wonderful card that they will print out as a formal card and send to her :) I embedded photos and special messages for her - here is what I did...



And since I am a poor college student trying to save up for my study abroad, I want to take her out on a lunch date when I come home instead of sending her an actual gift yet! I will probably end up making her something else to give her then so I will post it when I do! My mom is all about the personalized things because she is probably the least materialistic person I know (I need to be more like her). I have a few cute ideas that I really want to try when I get home and can get supplies. 

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day next week! What are your ideas for your moms? I can't believe it is May... I have been insanely busy and I really wish I had time to blog more. 


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