Monthly Favorites | May

Pozdravi - hello in Slovenian!
It is that time of the month again (not that time) - MONTHLY FAVORITES 
For the first time in a few months, I didn't even need to think about my favorites for very long because they all were so obvious to me!
Let's get cracking...

This is probably one of my top five favorite scents of all time. It is just so lovely and fresh. The only downside is that I do not think that scent lingers for very long :( The Shimmer Mist clearly gives a shimmery/glittery effect on my skin when I spray it which I think is nice for summer.

Okay yes I have already talked about this mascara before back in March in my Current Beauty Favorites post BUT I CAN'T HELP MENTIONING IT AGAIN! I have been getting lots of compliments recently about how my lashes look longer and very pronounced and yet NATURAL! It is all courtesy of this mascara. To be honest, I bought it because I thought it had beautiful packaging but now that I have been using it for about two months, I have come to appreciate and love it for the quality and results. It does not clump at all but rather provides you with a very luxurious, thick-lashed look. Also, it says that it is a growing potion and I do believe it has lengthened my eyelashes :)

Recently picked these up and I think they look pretty cool :)

Loving this scent! It is only the mini candle but I think I am going to go back and purchase the big version. Thanks again Bath & Body Works!

MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!! So, during our little cheeky Memorial Day trip to the mall, I walked by the NARS section in Sephora and stared at the concealer for about five minutes, debating in my head if I wanted to finally make the splurge and buy the illustrious $29 concealer I have been coveting and lusting over for months. After weighing ALL the pros (and the one con - the price), I decided it would be probably the best makeup decision I could possibly make and purchased it. I will do a personal review probably in the next week so that I can basically tell you everything you've heard about it before but in my own words (haha). 

This foundation is so light and smells very fresh. I have been using it during the week days because I work for 8 hours in a coffee factory for my summer job and I need something light on my skin. Especially now that it is getting hotter, I am going to need something lightweight and refreshing and this is such a great choice! 

This is such a moisturizing lip product and is very pigmented. Curviest Caramel is a nice pinkish nude and the color looks very natural and pretty. I want more chubby sticks now!

This necklace is actually my sister's but we share accessories when I am home. I recently wore this to a night out with my friends and I love the length of the chain and the simplicity of the teardrop crystal. 


This shirt is from Anthropologie. It is a silver see-through tank top. I wear it tucked into a skirt, usually with a cardigan.

The ring is from a little outdoor shop island in Covent Garden in London, UK. I got it five years ago the first time I was in England and it is very sentimental to me <3

So that is it for my May favorites!

Check out my last Monthly Favorites post, which was a combination of March and April :)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your thoughts! 
Have you tried any of these products - if yes, how are they for you? 
If no, would you try one out?
What have you been loving - I would love some recommendations!


  1. Great post, dear! I love the nail polish and the necklace :)) Wish you a great June :)

    Kisses, Kali

    1. Thanks love! I love your May Favorites post as well :)

  2. Lovely nail polish<3 color is perfect for the summer!
    follow back?

    1. Yes haha Essie is a godsend :) I followed you!

  3. Lovely post! I love your photos too. I've always wanted to try the lash potion mascara, so I might have to do that. It sounds like it works great!

    Maggie D. xx

    1. Thanks doll :) I love your recent post! And I definitely would recommend trying the mascara!

  4. Nice nail polish! :) I follow your blog, follow back?

  5. I had that exact same ring until someone squashed it :( , I love that necklace x

    1. Oh no :( It is very bendable which kinda sucks but it is so cute!

  6. great post! I just bought a pair of those round sunglasses too!

    I'd really appreciate it if you would check out my style!


    1. I love your blog!! Such amazing style - you can pull off so much!!! :)

  7. I think I need to make a trip to the drugstore to try out a few of those beauty products! And also I've been dying for a pair of round sunnies, so I might need to head to F21. ;) Thanks for a great post!

    1. Yes definitely check out F21 because they are cute and SUPER CHEAP! Also, I would say giving the Revlon mascara a try would be worthwhile because I love it so much :)


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