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I was recently tagged by Sinead from Dreaming Again and Maddie from Ring-a-Round a Rosey to do this tag. I cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by - I go back to school in about a month. Here are a few of my summer favorites:

1. Favourite bronzer for the summer?
I must admit that I do not use a bronzer at all but instead use a pressed setting powder to give a light but matte finish to my look. At the moment I am using Covergirl's Clean Pressed Powder in Classic Ivory. I really would love to try a bronzer out though so if you have any suggestions on a good one, let me know!

2. You're relaxing on a hammock on a tropical island, what would you be sipping on?
Strawberry lemonade! Probably in a mason jar with a slice of lemon.

3. Favourite summer lipstick?
I am absolutely, madly, deeply in love with the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipsticks. My favorite is 103 because it is a great shade for my skin tone and hair color. It is a medium pink with a creamy, matte finish. It is also extremely pigmented and 
smells amazing.

4. Pool or beach?
The beach! I have only been to the beach once this summer and it was the Pacific Ocean coast in Oregon. I love the breeze, sand, and grandeur of the ocean over a crowded chlorine filled pool. However, I do like to wade with friends in a pool at night. 

5. Summer= crazy hair, what's your must have styling product?
I have been loving both my Fructis Shine Brilliantine Glossing Spray and my Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. Both have given my hair more shine and the oil has really improved the quality of my hair. 
I do really want to try Not Your Mother's 'Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray' in the next couple weeks before summer ends.

6. Sun bathing or fake tanning?
Is it bad that I have to say neither? I really do love the summer but my pale skin does not like the sun. I burn immediately, no matter what SPF I have on, and then I peel pretty badly. My skin just refuses to tan. When I was competing in Irish dance however, for the majors (Nationals, Oireachtas, etc.) everyone at my academy was basically required to get a fake tan (spray on). I personally would never step foot in a tanning bed because my skin would probably fall off and die but the spray on tans were always a good experience because I would go to my Salon and Spa and my woman was always very sweet and thorough. I must admit that I envy girls who can get a perfect summer tan but I am quite content with my pale glow. 

7. Favourite summer nail polish?
Light Yellow by Love & Beauty from Forever 21. I usually never wear bright colors on my nails (usually I stick with either pastels or deep dark colors) but I fell in love with this color.

8. Any summer traditions?
We have tons! Most include feising, visiting friends and family, and cook outs.

9. Favourite summer scent?
Ooh this is tough. In my June Favorites post I said Blooming Violets from V&S and Malaia from Hollister, but I think lately I would say my Burberry Brit Sheer Eau de Toilette Spray. It is very light and it makes me feel pretty!

10. Favourite BBQ food?
Literally everything on a BBQ. I love when we cook out! Burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken, corn, baked potatoes - everything goes on the grill and I would eat it all if I could.

11. Favourite summer proof makeup?
I have really been enjoying my Maybelline eyeliners (both kohl and liquid) because they stay in place and haven't been smearing, smudging, or wearing off in the heat. 

12. Any summer vacations planned?
Well, if you read my post I'm Traveling then you will know that I have been going lots of places! I went to Portland, Oregon for a cousin's wedding, NYC and Madison, New Jersey to meet up with friends, and Washington D.C. to visit family. I am currently trying to convince my older brother to plan a trip with me to Europe or Asia next summer to go backpacking. I will keep you updated on that :) 

I Tag:

Thanks again to Sinead and Maddie for the tag! I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments below what YOU have been loving or any recommendations!


  1. I'm so glad you did this tag too!

    <3 Maddie


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