So hello there! 
Boy, have I missed writing blog posts everyday. Currently I am home (until Friday when I leave for D.C.) and I thought I would give you a little peak inside both of my trips! I went from coast to coast in ten days, traveling by plane (Cleveland to Las Vegas to Portland), car (Cleveland to Pittsburgh), bus (Pittsburgh to NYC), and train (NYC to Madison). It was exhausting but exhilarating. 
I am going to just dive right in so here we go:


These are just a few of the photos from Portland. The top left was at Cannon Beach where the Goonies (one of my childhood favorites) was filmed. The bottom right was on Mt. Hood. We were 6,000 feet high in that photo. Portland was simply beautiful. The landscape and just the amount of trees everywhere was awe-inspiring. We also drove to Washington basically just to say we had been there as it was only about a ten minute drive across the Oregon/Washington border from our hotel. All in all the trip was an amazing family bonding experience. We ate CRAZY GOOD food, my cousin's wedding was really fun (we danced until our feet were numb and their wedding cake was a pyramid of Voodoo Donuts - enough said), we caught up with family we hadn't seen in a long time, and we cherished the time we spent together. 


So the night we got back from Portland I left for another five day trip to visit friends at my college. We had an incredible time and these are a few photos highlighting the trip. 
We went to the used book store in town and I got a couple plays and some analytical Shakespeare books. I also got a couple books for some friends that I know they will love! We walked about 3 miles to a park in which there is a massive field and pond. We blissfully waded in the pond and had a splendid time. Little did we know that the next day we would be COVERED in bug bites, especially on our heels. I had about sixty bug bites in total. Yep. 
Moving on, the Spotify playlist you see in the top right corner was on repeat for an entire evening whilst my friends Mary Gael, Ron, and I waited for Gabby to be finished with her mentorship duties. As you can see the playlist was perfection.
When she got back we watched Spring Breakers. I don't really have anything to say as I am still speechless and a bit confused. 
Also during the trip we saw the New Jersey Shakespeare Company perform my favorite Shakespeare comedy, As You Like It. I had a friend in it and the next day we met up with her for lunch at our local diner :) 
In the bottom left corner is a shot in NYC of me (wearing no makeup or contacts looking like a frump) and two dear friends who I met four summers ago. They both live in New Jersey but Juliana (left) goes to college in California and Jane (middle), who I hadn't seen in TWO YEARS, goes to college in D.C. They are those kind of friends though that all the time in the world could pass and when you finally meet up again, it is like nothing has changed. 
The trip altogether was amazing. I loved just spending time with my friends talking, laughing and catching up with many deep convos. 

SO there you have it! I had such a great time on both trips and I couldn't wait to share my experiences with you!
Have you gone anywhere fun this summer?
I hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. I loved reading this post; I've always wanted to do more travelling especially around the USA, so this was a great read and it sounds like you had so much fun!
    Adorable blog btw!

    -sarah xo


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