Quote of the Day No. 6

YES. Being yourself, your quirky, nerdy, weird, spastic, self is always the best. When you are being yourself, you feel refreshed. You can sit back and say what you want to say, do what you want to do, dance the way you wanna dance, eat what you want to eat, ya know? 

Putting on a fa├žade is a) not cool and b) kinda difficult because inside you are cringing at how you wish you did not have to pretend you are not in love with One Direction or deny you have seen almost every episode of Disney channel's Good Luck Charlie with your younger sister and you actually enjoyed it. 

I have found in my nineteen and a half years of life that you must surround yourself with people who allow you to be you. People with whom you can feel comfortable being as crazy or as reserved as you want to be at any given moment. People with whom you don't have to hold your tongue in fear of rejection or judgement during a discussion on politics or spirituality or morals (or whatever it is other groups of friends besides my own talk about). 

I also feel like this saying goes quite well for blogging. I am still, after three months of having this blog, trying to discern what my blog truly is about and where I want it to go. But I am the only one with the power to decide. And that decision, well, is made based upon me being myself through blogging and not pretending to be some fabulous beauty guru or intense hipster or amazing writer. Only if and when I am myself, completely and utterly myself, my blog will be great because it will be unique, it will be me. 

So, be yourself! Don't shy behind stereotypes or social expectations or judgmental assholes. You will have the best time... wait for it... when you are being yourself :)


P.S. Sorry I cursed.  


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