10 Things to Do Before Christmas

The countdown has begun! Christmas is only 10 days away :)

I have made a list of ten things you should do before Christmas Day!

1) Wear an ugly Christmas sweater, whilst making it look adorable of course
2) Go Christmas shopping for others
3) Blast Christmas music, belting out your favorite songs
4) Decorate your room with cut-out snowflakes, fairy lights, and garland
5) Make DIY Christmas cards and give them to your friends and family
6) Take a Christmasy picture with friends (or siblings)
7) Paint your nails   
8) Bundle up (looking super cute), go out into the snow and embrace the cold & beauty of winter
9) Make a New Year's Resolutions list
10) Remind someone that you love that you are thankful for them 


  1. very true :) we always have to be thankful !! xx


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