Personal Creations: 50 Creative Uses for Mason Jars

Hello everybody! 

So there is this amazing post for 50 Creative Uses for Mason Jars on the Personal Creations Website.

 I absolutely love these ideas and I cannot wait to try some. I loved going through and seeing some that I have tried, such as making mason jars into Pencil Holders (#43) and as a Bathroom Organizer (#49). 

Besides wanting to eat every single one of the food mason jars because they look delicious, here are some of my favorites and the ones I am definitely going to try:

S'mores Cake (#12)
Cake Batter Milkshakes (#19)
Stylish Sock Jars (#30)
 Room Scents in a Jar (#31)
 Photo Frames (#35)
Advent Calendar (#37)

You all should check out this post on their website and let me know which ones you love! Also, if you try some, let me know and share pictures! I will show you the ones I make :)

I recently made these with my little sister and mom as centerpieces for our dining room table. They are all different sized mason jars and they are very festive! All you need is some ribbon, tea light candles, mason jars, and something to fill them with (such as the glittery fake leaves and balls that I used). When I get home from school for winter break, I will show you around my house!

There are so many exciting uses for mason jars! Hope you enjoyed this post :) 


  1. I love that salad idea! and candy also looks great for candy bars and parties!



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