A Day | Laura Marling

Hey so tonight is my last night of this semester and of being in New Jersey until January 27th. I go home for three weeks, NYC for a theatre workshop for two weeks, and then Vermont/Canada for a week of debauchery with all my friends. 

I finished my last final and was feeling pretty weird. I mean, my final went well but I had been studying for a full five hours before and then took my two hour final. My brain was pretty fried I guess. I headed back to my room, overstuffed my luggage for about an hour whilst blasting my girl Ellie, went out with my friends for dinner to a local bar, and now I am sitting here about to watch Veronica Mars and then Catching Fire as I sip a Halloween Magic Hat I have had since October. Not too exciting... but here are a few pictures:

Anyway, moral of this post is to check out Laura Marling. She is amazing and her voice is so raw and addictive. GIve her a listen and let me know what you think.


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