Some Polaroid Photos and Questions For You!

Happy Blogmas Day 16!

So Polaroid cameras are probably the coolest thing right now. My roommate Michelle has one and we have only taken a few so far but it is so fun and exciting waiting to see how the photo comes out. Here are the ones we have taken so far! 

The top left one is of me sitting at my desk having just gotten ready to go for the day :) 
The top right is of my friend Gabby and me chilling in my room at midnight or so. We posed for this picture, yelling at Michelle to get in it but when Michelle refused, we put on a smile and cuddled up next to each other. 
The middle is a selfie of Michelle and I. The light literally blinded me for a couple minutes but it turned out really good. 
The bottom two are of Michelle the day before her birthday and the day after her birthday :) 

I am hoping to get a camera for Christmas (a real techy nice one instead of a super cool polaroid which would be amazing to have but not my priority). I have come to appreciate photography so much in the past year. I had Gabby's mom's professional camera for one of the performances of our university's dance show and I took some crazy amazing shots. I couldn't believe the amazing quality of them all and it makes me excited to hopefully get a really nice camera for Christmas. Photography is such an important part of a blog as well and I have been saying since I started this blog last year that I can't wait to be able to take professional looking photos. I feel like once I can I will start to do more adventurous posts (like OOTD's). I am hoping that I will have a boost of confidence with the camera that it will allow me to tackle what intimidates me most about blogging. 

What do you think about photography? Can the photos of a post make or break it in your opinion? 
I definitely am not a snob about photography and dislike or dismiss a post if the photos are not up to professional par, but I would love to know what others think about its importance. 
This also brings up the question of editing photos! What do you think is better - a filtered, edited photo OR a raw, unedited photo? Or does it just depend? I think I am going to stop editing my photos with filters on my blog because they have been seeming quite artificial looking and I am not too sure if I like it anymore. 

Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. Cute post! I want a new camera as well, a really professional one since I am getting into photography.


  2. Hopefully we will both have cameras and we can help each other with OOTDs or look books!

  3. I love photography, I study it at school. I don't judge a post by its images but it can be quite off-putting if the photo quality isn't up to scratch. I think the more adventurous you are with your images, the better they become. You just have to be brave! Xx

    1. I agree completely! I do want to be more adventurous. Thank you so much for you comment :) xx


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