Favorites and Highlights of November

Hello everybody! Happy Day 4 of Blogmas :)
This post is a combination of my November Favorites and the highlights of that month - Thanksgiving, my birthday, & the Oireachtas.
- Tazo Passion Tea is my absolute favorite. It is so refreshing :)
- Seasonal candles make me so happy and calm. I love this Spiced Apple Cinnamon one in a little mason jar that I bought for only $2.
- Winter Candy Apple Lotion from Bath and Body Works. This stuff smells amazing and is my go to lotion because I love the smell of apples.
- My current mascara - Maybelline Falsies :)
- I have been sick for the past few weeks and these cough drops have been my savior! They are really yummy too. 
- These green mittens are my absolute favorite. I got them at a thrift shop in Portland for $3 (yay).

- My new ring! I am so Irish.

So, here are a few photos highlighting the best moments from this past month!
My three birthday cakes on three different occasions :) Thanks friends (Michelle and Andrew) and family!
Thanksgiving :) Me and my mom!
Me, my sister Mary, and our cousin Vinnie :)
My birthday party in my room with my friends <3
My little sister and I at the Midwest Irish Dance Championships called the Oireachtas.

So that is it :) I hope you enjoyed! What items did you love during November?


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