Lazy Day

So hello everybody!

It has become that time of the semester where I want to crawl into my bed, all cozied up, and NEVER LEAVE. I woke up at 10 am, stayed in bed till 12 pm, went to a review session for my Classical Antiquity final, and then haven't left my bedroom since getting back at 2:30 pm. My roommate and I decided to avoid studying for our finals and instead watched Disney's Frozen! It was so adorable and I really enjoyed it.
I really needed this day to be lazy, whilst also working on my course work and studying. Michelle made us dinner so we wouldn't have to leave our room (rice, squid, and seaweed which was absolutely delicious)! It has been really relaxing, which is such a change from the fast pace, non-stop stress these past few months have been every day. I have several pretty exciting posts coming up so keep checking back everyday :) I hope your day has been a good one! 


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