Finals Week!

Hey everybody!

So, this week and this coming week are my finals for this semester. It has been absolutely crazy and a lot of work, but surprisingly manageable and not too stressful. I did just have one of my finals that was probably the most stressful today and I feel so relieved that it is over :) I basically had to design every aspect of a show (Miss Julie), including a light design, costumes design, set design, and basically all the other main aspects of design within a production. 

However, I have been taking releases from my work and studying and I have been finding that these finals have been the most relaxed and prepared I have ever felt. 

Here are some quick tips for finals that have been working for me and I hope they prove to be useful to you!

1) Stay positive. Negativity is never a good thing but especially when it comes to finals, staying positive that you know your stuff will automatically make you feel more confident and happy!
2) Take breaks! Reward yourself for the work you accomplish by taking that Facebook break, or in my case, watching a movie with a friend :)
3) Do not cram. That is probably the hardest thing for me because I am such a procrastinator, but seriously, if YEARS of taking finals has taught me anything, it is to space out my studying and not wait till the last minute. Don't forget that finals are not about pushing all that information into your little brain on the last day - you have been learning that shit all semester. You will have retained something! Trust me.
4) Stay hydrated. Drink water!! Just do it.
5) Get sleep. This is another hard one. I am the first to admit that I wish there were more hours in the day because I never have enough time to sleep and get all my work finished. But getting sleep will help you in so many ways and make you feel refreshed and healthy - which is always a good thing.
6) If you are trying to study the night before an exam, once you feel exhausted and things are not being processed, JUST GO TO BED. You are not doing yourself any good by staying up late. 
7) Make lists and stay organized. Lists will give you a sense of accomplishment and staying organized with your books and notes will help you organize your own thoughts.

Alright so that is it. What are some pieces of advice that you would give someone in finals week? What works for you? 
Hope you enjoyed this post and good luck on finals for anyone taking them!!! 


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