Christmas Eve!

Happy Blogmas Day 24! I am so excited because technically it is Christmas as I write this at a bit past midnight. I have had a wonderful Christmas Eve and I cannot wait for more good times in the morning. Here are just a few pics to show you what my day has been like:

I watched Veronica Mars for several hours this morning... it was very stressful but amazing as usual. For any V Mars fans out there, I watched Season 3 Episode 9 - OH MY GOD.... enough said. 
Then I got ready with all of this makeup... I used my new Sephora Baked palette and I am already in love with it!
My little sister, my mom, and I took a few cute photos. 
We then went to my uncle's for my mom's side of the family party! This photo is of my little sister, my dad, my older brother, and me :)

After the party we went to Christmas mass at my church. Then home and watched several home videos we made as kids and then all split off to our rooms for bed! I better go to sleep soon because when I wake up, presents and joy and yummy food await!  


  1. Lovely post! Nice photos :)

    Merry X-MAS ♥

  2. Merry Christmas lovely!

  3. You have such good makeup!Love it:)
    Sarah xoxo


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