30 Day Snap #1 | Feis

Hello there beauties!
So if you don't remember what The 30 Day Snap is, click here for a little explanation.

So yesterday afternoon my mum, my sister Mary (shown above on the right), and I drove three hours northwest to Detroit, Michigan for Mary's Irish dance competition, also known as a feis. 

While on our drive to the hotel, being about 30 minutes away, a horrible car accident occurred right in front of us. If my mum had been going 5 miles faster we would have been involved. A car spun out of control in the far right lane, swerved to face sideways and drove horizontally against the vertical traffic on the highway, skimming one car and slamming into the meridian. An SVU then slammed or T-boned into the driver's side of the car, crushing the entire front of the car. It was very tragic and disturbing and I just ask everyone reading this to hope/pray that everyone involved is ok today. 

Anyway, after experiencing that, we needed to calm down and decided to go to dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant that was close to the hotel. It was so good and I got a tortellini dish that was savory and delicious. 

Once in the hotel room, my mum and I watched Pride and Prejudice on my computer while Mary watched Youtube videos.

So, she danced this morning and looked simply stunning! My mum snapped this photo right before she went on to do her first round. Although she didn't do as well as she'd hoped, she got great scores from two of the judges and received helpful feedback.

All in all we had a really nice time and we just arrived home. I have to go get ready for a graduation party tonight of one of my really good dance friend's. I think I might wear a maxi dress :)

See you tomorrow for the next snap!



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