My Life According to Ellie Goulding

So hello there beauties! 

I have been tagged by the darling Andrew from his blog What's Old Is New to revisit the fad of writing Facebook tag notes! So basically what I had to do was choose a band/artist and fill out the following questions answering only in the form of one of their song's titles. Essentially, you cannot repeat a song and you must only use each song once. I have chosen Ellie Goulding, particularly because she has been my favorite singer for about four years now and because her songs seemed perfect for this. So here we go!

P.S. Before you read this, you must know that I was giggling alone in my room as I was choosing songs and my little sister came into the room staring at me probably thinking that I am a crazy person, which is quite valid I must admit. Anyway...

Pick your Artist: 
Ellie Goulding

Are you male or female: 

Describe yourself: 

How do you feel: 
"Anything Could Happen"

Describe where you currently live: 
"In My City"

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 
"Under the Sheets"

Your favorite form of transportation: 

Your best friend? 

"Hanging On"

You and your best friends are: 
"Starry Eyed"

What's the weather like: 


If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: 

What is life to you: 


Your relationship: 
"Wish I Stayed"

Your fear: 
"Guns and Horses"

What is the best advice you have to give: 
"This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)"

Thought for the Day: 
"I Know You Care"

How I would like to die: 
"I'll Hold My Breath"

I hope you enjoyed this tag. If you choose to do it, leave a comment with a link below so I can check it out. And if you liked this sort of thing, let me know because I might have a little bit of an idea for a cute tag like this :) Also, be sure to check out Andrew's blog and Ring-A-Round A Rosey who was tagged to do this too.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



  1. I love this idea! And Ellie Goulding! I love her! xx

    1. Haha she's amazing!

      You should check out her new cover of "Tessellate" - It is to die for!


  2. I was just listening to Ellie and I thought of you! I was positive you would choose her for this post.


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