The End of the 30 Day Snap

Hello there!!

The 30 Day Snap Challenge is officially over! I am so proud of myself for sticking it through and managing to get a full 30 snaps (although a couple were a bit late on occasion). Although I documented a lot of very exciting things, there were days where I simply had nothing exciting happen and so I had to find creative ways to photograph something mundane or boring. 

Looking back, these photos remind me of many happy memories from this past month. I have enjoyed challenging myself to find something each day to snap a photo of and post on my blog. I have also really enjoyed seeing other bloggers' snaps throughout the month.

Also through the 30 Day Snap, I have found many new and inspiring blogs that I adore. I have realized that the community of bloggers can be so supportive and kind! I am so glad to have become a part of it.

So, as I finish this post I hope in turn that you have also enjoyed my snaps. Being so used to doing a post every day (sometimes two... and sometimes three when I was behind), the completion of this challenge will leave me feeling a little less busy. However, I have come up with some pretty exciting new ideas for unique posts and I look forward to continuing my weekly posts as well. 

I would also like to give a big shout out to Louise from SpinkleofGlitter who gave me this idea and to all the other bloggers who participated and kept me anxious to see their pictures every day! 

If you did take part in the challenge, what were some of the difficulties you faced during it? How are you feeling now that it is over! I would love to hear what other's have thought of the commitment it was. Also, if you did not do the challenge but followed my snaps, what were some of your favorites? I can promise you all that I read all comments and it brightens my day :)



  1. i don't appreciate bein CROPPED OUT OF THE PICTURE OF THE 3 OF US u dingus consider this friendship TERMINATED

    1. As you can see in other photos (such as the one where Connor's whole head is gone), I could not move the photos with the editor I was using. SORRY.

  2. Lovly snaps :) what did you use to make this collage?

    Sinead |

    1. Hey Sinead!

      I used for this collage. Normally though I use iPiccy for my Insta-Week's and editing my photos but they didn't have a collage template that allowed for more than 25 photos.

      Both are free so definitely check them out! <3


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