30 Day Snap #15 | This is the End

Hello there! 

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Today has been an adventure! After waking up at 11 am after staying up past 3 am the night before, I had a relaxing afternoon. I did some dishes, ate some zucchini for lunch, and chatted with my mum. 
I left at about 4 pm to meet up with some friends at our outdoor mall-type place (about 45 minutes away for me) to shop, get dinner, and then see a late movie. We hit up all the good stores (obviously), including Urban Outfitters, H&M, Anthropologie, Francesca's, Charming Charlie's, Yankee Candle (got a few little candles- surprise, surprise) and of course my weakness, Sephora. Then for dinner we went to an Asian cuisine restaurant which was soooo good. We hung out for a while, listening to music, drinking Starbucks, chatting, and just enjoying each others company. 
We then went to see the movie This is the End, which was very... hmmm.... entertaining! The hilarious and in my opinion very sexy Seth Rogan (who, like all the other actors was playing himself) was perfection. The movie was great but I expected a bit more; however, the ending was quite possibly the best ending to a movie ever. It was just a very special surprise that was near and dear to my heart. Go see it to find out what I am talking about!
I just had a great night and I hope you did too! I love spending time with good friends :)
Alright it is almost 2 am so I should probably get some sleep. 
Let me know if you have seen the movie and what you think! 


  1. Really nice blog! :)


  2. seth rogen is SUCH a babe, ugh

    1. I'm actually madly in love with him. He is 31 and married though so winning him over may be harder than I expected.


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