Quote of the Day No.2

Hello there! 

So, this blog covers a wide range of topics that comprise my life (and hopefully are relatable to yours) and I thought it was about time I be completely with all of you, my lovely readers. 

I have messy hair. THERE I SAID IT. 

Yes, I know what you all are thinking... *gasp* "How could she!? That is unthinkable! No one has messy hair!" But alas, I do. But let's be real here, sometimes your hair just refuses to look decent and presentable. So instead of becoming frustrated with it and wearing a hat to hide your shame, EMBRACE IT. 

Now, my hair and I have good days where it is all merry in the land of Grace and my hair decides to be kind and look pretty; however, there are times when I just have to accept it and plop a big messy bun on top of my head and call it a day... like today. 

^^ This is just me being a weirdo who is obsessed with iPiccy....

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and you embrace your messy hair!
What are some solutions you do when your hair is being uncooperative?
Have a wonderful Saturday and I will see you for my snap later today :)


  1. love your messy hair!!!!! love messy hair!!!! i am typing this as i am flat ironing my hair i am not a hypocrite


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