30 Day Snap #17 | Spectacles

Hello there!

These are my glasses. 
My glasses and I do not really get along. I would say we have a love-hate relationship but it is mostly just hate. But, I have been wearing them for the past two days without touching my contacts because I have an eye infection :( Not fun. I went to the hospital today and my lovely doctor told me I have bilat acute conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis in my eyes due to either the eyedrops bottle I have been using for waaay too long or the new liquid eyeliner I started wearing about two weeks ago (either one could have caused the infection... or maybe even something else). I will not go into detail because no one wants to hear about my boring eyes but at least they inspired my photo for today! I thought it would jazz it up by blurring the rest of the photo except for the glasses and lens to give an effect of just how blind I am without them ;) 
Anyway, I did watch one of the Narnia movies today and it put me in a very sentimental mood. I also tweeted about it way too much. Oops! 
I hope you enjoyed this post and leave your comments and links below! I love to know what you are all up to.


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