30 Day Snap #11 | Teavana

Hello there my beauties!

I went to the mall with my little sister today where she spent way too much money at Forever 21... :) I got a few bits but I am most excited about this Watermelon Mint Chiller tea. It smells divine. I was sampling a few teas and the guy working at Teavana was just so nice (and attractive) that when he asked me if I wanted to smell his favorite mint tea, I could not refuse. And then I could not seem to refuse buying some of it. It was quite pricey for tea, especially since I am quite content with my Twinings; however, I felt this was a good splurge to try something new for summer. He said that this is great cold or hot so I am going to try both!

What funky types of tea do you drink? I am trying my best to not drink English Breakfast and Green Mint tea everyday but rather try new types, brands, and flavors so I would love to hear what you like. 


  1. I COMMENT THIS EVERY TIME,............BIGELOW BLACK POMEGRANATE it'll change your life

  2. I've never tried Teavana before but I really want to. Everyone seems love adore them and the one you got sounds absolutely delicious!! :))

    Andrea | RosyChicc

    1. Yes I definitely recommend trying some, especially Raspberry Riot Lemon Maté and Very Berry White!


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