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Hello there lovelies!

So today has been exhausting!! I have been filming an audition that I have to send in by tomorrow. Don't worry, this is not a severe case of procrastination. The general manager for a show in NYC that I am auditioning for asked me yesterday to possibly film a few things for them to review and turn it in by Wednesday evening. I was all, "Of course I can, no problem" when I was really thinking "Oh my sweet lord Jesus I am not prepared wahhhhhhh I must start now oh shit what should I do what should I wear I am so screwed!" 

Anyway, I got right to work and have been filming, practicing, dancing, and editing ALL day. I had to record myself Irish dancing, doing a contemporary monologue (I actually filmed four and haven't chosen a final one yet), and singing a song ("Still Hurting" from The Last 5 Years). 

I had a lot of fun doing it and had the privacy of the house to myself all day but now I feel like dying from exhaustion. I danced more today than I have in the past month. 

Also, if you read my last snap you will know that I have an eye infection. This posed a problem because I am not supposed to wear any makeup or my contacts for at least another 5 days but I had no choice because I had to film my face!! Sorry Dr. Cook...

On a completely different note, that apple to the left of the computer is phenomenal (I am currently chomping on it). 

Also, I had planned on filming a video for this blog over the weekend as a surprise unique post; however, the whole eye infection thing kind of ruined that plan :( So, I am postponing the vid but you will see it soon!

How was your Tuesday!? I would love to see your snaps if you are doing the challenge so leave your link below!


  1. Good luck with the audition! Maybe after filming yourself for this, you can make more vlogs for YouTube :) I'd love to see another video.

    1. Yes I really want to but I am going to wait until my eyes are fully healed! Then, expect many videos :)


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