30 Day Snap #20 | Patrick

Hello there!

So this snap is a throwback (seems appropriate because it is "TBT") of two Christmas photographs from 1995 (left) and 1994 (right) of my older brother Pat and I before our two younger siblings were born. 

I was cleaning our storage room in our home today and stumbled upon these (and many other old photos that made me smile and reminisce). 

I chose to show you these two though because I have been talking to my brother a lot lately. He lives in Columbus, Ohio which is about two hours from where I live and about nine hours from my college. I can honestly say that he will always be one of my best friends on this planet. You can change your friends or your significant other or your therapist or your yoga instructor; but, you can't change your siblings. I have found so much support, encouragement, and love from my brother throughout the years. He has helped me overcome grief, get through break-ups, get over bad grades on a test, keep my head high in disappointment, and most importantly, be confident in who I am as a person. He is just one of the most amazing role models in my life. I am so lucky/blessed/grateful that he is my brother (especially since many people are jealous because he is so awesome... hehe). I could go on for days about this guy. Anyway, I love him with all my heart and I love these photos. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing these :) I just adore old photographs of childhood. 

How has your Thursday been? I hope you are excited because it is already the weekend tomorrow!!! 



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